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Corfu Day 9 - 15-06-24: We’re being spontaneous and going off plan!

The one thing about sleeping with the air-con on other than waking up cold is trying to stave off a cold.  Each morning I’ve been waking up with a stuffy and runny nose, which at some point is destined to become a full blown cold and now Maice has had to reach for the box of tissues too as she’s sporting the same symptoms. We’re trying to keep it at bay with a dose of paracetamol at least until we get home!  To top it all I’ve woken up today with a pain in the right side of my back which makes me wince when I move. Honestly, between us we’re certainly having our run of ailments on this holiday!

We wondered what to expect when we threw open the balcony doors this morning. How lovely, the sky was just a carpet of blue as far as the eye could see, the wind had dropped and there was not a cloud to be seen, Ah yes, it was going to be a hot day today.

On the breakfast table today inside the tureen there were wraps filled with an assortment of salad stuff and what looked like some sort of meat. We gave those a miss and kept to what we know, boiled eggs, toast, tomato’s, cucumber and olives.  The two German women,  Renata and Eva were leaving today so we said our goodbyes. They were really lovely ladies and we used to chat to them in the morning over breakfast. They’ve gone back two happy women as their football team won last night in the Euros against, well let’s not talk about that!  Let’s just say they were overjoyed.

We went back to the room, packed our beach bags and headed off to the bakery.  Imagine our surprise when we saw a donut sitting atop the counter. We’ve been talking about these all holiday and wondering why they don’t sell them…..turns out they do, it’s just that they’re sold out by the time we get there. There was only one left so we grabbed that one and made a note to selves…..we need to get here earlier so we can buy two and have one each!

At the coffee shop Maice ordered her coffee in Greek but for some unknown reason decided to throw in an accent which Maria, the waitress, thought sounded Russian! We enjoyed our coffee whilst watching the world go by, which is always entertaining and then to throw the plan into disarray we took a different route to the beach although we still ended up on the same sun beds as the previous day. Brian and Maureen who had reserved their sun-beds with Mario were already on the beach talking to Kevin and Jane, the newcomers. We gave them a wave and settled ourselves down for another torturous day doing nothing but sunbathing and swimming. Maureen came over for a chat and then we went in for a swim, Maureen with her new inflatable chair type thing that she was trying to get the hang of.  It’s not as big as a li-low but you can still lie in it and float, they’re actually quite good because there’s less to blow up and they’re not so cumbersome to carry around.

After our sun-bed lunch of cheese and crisp filled buns we left the beach at 14.30pm and walked back to the hotel via the Coop. We needed to purchase supplies for the next two days so of course not only did we leave with our purchase of water and cheese we were also gifted another feta parcel from Alex.

It wasn’t until we were playing cards on the balcony later that afternoon, when I inadvertently knocked my glass of wine all over the balcony floor and we realised that was the last of the wine. Now why didn’t we buy any when we were in the Coop.

We were pondering where to eat this evening when we had a bright idea. We’d walk along to Messonghi, have an aperitif and then go for supper. What a great plan. We got ourselves ready and before we knew it we were sat overlooking the sea at the Booca beach bar, Maice with an ouzo, me with a Metaxa 7* for medicinal purposes of course! After another ‘photo shoot’ by the Greek flag we walked along the board walk and found ‘Kosta Traditional taverna where we had a lovely meal and probably the best calamari we’ve ever had. It was so light and delicious it was extremely yummy. What a great find that was.

We went for a stroll around the back lanes where a lot of the bigger hotels are and listened in to the kiddies entertainment. Bless the little ones, doing all sorts of little dance routines with their mums and dads, thankfully the birdie song wasn’t played else we’d have felt obliged to do the dance in the middle of the street! We ended up at the little inlet and got the rowing boat across the river together with three Irish lasses who hail from Shannon. In the one minute crossing we managed to get a selfie with them 🤣.  Back on Moraitika soil we strolled along the beach taking lots of photos of us again, this time the backdrop was of the setting sun….it was gorgeous. Being the kind and courteous gals that we are we were offering to take pictures for other people as they struggled to take photos of themselves with Maice getting them to do star jumps and throwing their hands up in the air…you know what she’s like!

As we headed back to the hotel we passed by Golden Beach and decided to pop in to watch the Latin dance show, with a bit of Greek dancing thrown in. Hey we’re being very spontaneous and going off plan again. To be fair to the dancers they were really good it’s just a shame about the Compère who completely ruins it, in our opinion anyway. He tries to be funny but he’s more cringeworthy if anything. He should be sacked but doubt that’ll as he is the owner!!!  When they started to dance Zorbas and fetch people onto the dance floor we made a quick exit.  We were too tired to be hot-footing it around the dance floor, what we girlies needed was our beds.

So καληνυχτα everyone until tomorrow, which just so happens to be our penultimate day in Corfu!

M&A xx

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