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Corfu Day 11 - 17-06.24: It’s a new dawn, a new day…..and our last day in Corfu!

So, when we got to bed last night sometime between 12.30am and 13.30am we’re not quite sure of the time  apparently I flopped onto the bed, fully clothed and immediately fell asleep. I hadn’t even taken my make-up which is something I always do regardless of how much I’ve had to drink.  At some point during the night I got up, turned off the air conditioning, de-robed and woke this morning in my bed-gear, make-up still intact. Gosh, this local wine is quite strong, or was it the negroni!!

We discussed at length Maureens unfortunate incident with the ‘moving’ chair and hoped she wasn’t suffering too much. We went down to breakfast at 8.10am and were served a plate of ham and cheese, tomatoes, cucumber and tuna paste which was very tasty, accompanied by the usual two slices of brown toast.  We were quite stuffed when we’d finished which was probably a good thing as we wouldn’t be having supper tonight, only our homemade bread rolls on the plane.

Gabriella very kindly let us keep our room on which completely changed our plans for today and meant we didn’t have to keep aside our clothes for the pool, lunch or travelling so that was a relief as we weren’t being picked up until 18.10pm

We set off to the bakery to purchase our usual buns then went to Aurum for our frappes for the final time.  We’ve loved sitting here every day watching the world go by, it certainly passes an hour and it’s quite fascinating watching the comings and goings of people and traffic.  We’ve been well entertained by watching people at the bus stop, watching the woman in the house opposite unlock what sounds like six locks on her door, come out, sit on the wall for five minutes then go back in and lock herself in again, then there’s the coaches and buses and lorry’s who are trying to negotiate not hitting the cars and vans parked outside the Coop and causing mayhem.  Honestly, daily life in Moraitika is quite fascinating and entertaining.

The plan for today was to a) sit around the pool b) go to the Salt & Pepper taverna for lunch c) shower and finish packing and d) get to the transfer pick up point at 17.55pm. So, armed with all our pool paraphernalia we headed down to the pool and saw B&M. Oh dear, poor Maureen was suffering badly. Seems her coccyx was playing up and she was having problems sitting and getting down low onto the sun-bed. I once again apologised profusely and offered her my neck pillow which could act as a pillow ring but she already had one!

We settled down on the sunbeds (me and Maice that is) whilst Maureen, who was sat upright in a chair sent Brian off to the chemist for Ibuprofen which hopefully will do the trick. Our last day wasn’t exactly sunny which is quite fortunate due to it being our travel day but it was a bit muggy, so keeping the room on was a god send as we could finish packing with the air-con on and cool down.

At one o’clock  we set off for lunch to Salt & Pepper and decided we’d try and find Maureen and Brians ‘short-cut’ again so instead of turning left after Zorba’s we turned left before Zorbas and lo-and-behold we were on the right track, and it was so much quicker. You see, we can find our way around without a map!  We enjoyed our final Greek salad with lovely fresh bread and NO, I repeat NO alcohol was consumed at lunchtime. It was coke for Maice and a Tsitsibeera for me, which translates into ginger beer.

We returned to the hotel by the same route and marvelled at how quick and easy it was and wondered how we could have gone so wrong the day before, honestly we were literally going round in circles!  Back at the room we showered and packed and at 4pm we headed back down to the pool bar where we waited for the coach. B&M were back around the pool with Maureen stating that she felt a bit better having taken her tablets and gone for a siesta in the afternoon which seemed to help. We gave them our left over water and wine and we chatted until it was time to go. Before that however we very cautiously attempted the dual aspect photo again but only with Brian this time and although not perfectly executed we’re glad to report that no other coccyx was injured in the making of these ‘Brian only’ photos. Then along came Kevin and Jane and we said our goodbyes to them. Gabriella, who was also sat with us wanted to give us a goodbye shot of Raki which we obviously declined but we were given one anyway, in fact we all got one……blimey, it was strong and this was followed by a Kumquat shot chaser.  Honestly, we made a pact this morning, strictly no alcohol and through no fault of our own look whats happened!  Before we headed off down the hill Gabriella phoned Cristos and we said our goodbyes to him over the phone. What a lovely gesture that was and what a lovely couple they are.

Brian saw us down the hill with our cases, we waved goodbye to Maureen and waited at the bottom of the hill for the coach which came ten minutes early.  Now that’s a first! Well can you believe this. We were the first to check-in, there being no queue whatsoever and we just sailed through security. Before we knew it we were in the departure lounge with plenty of time to spare.  Since we were last in Corfu it seems that the terminal building has undergone a complete transformation there being lots of eateries and places to sit. We were well impressed. We ordered two frappes and a cheese and spinach pie, found a seat and proceeded to play Rummy.  Although not announced, the flight was delayed by an hour and we didn’t land until 11.30pm. Then by the time we collected our luggage, got the car and drove home it was 3am……..for some reason we both decided to collect Milly and Sir Winston first thing in the morning then go to work! Honestly, what on earth were we thinking?

So that’s it, our lovely holiday to Corfu has come to an end. As always on the drive home we had time to reflect on our holiday. As we all know holidays are what you make of them and everything we’ve done has been a real highlight. The morning breakfasts were presented in different ways so you never knew what to expect, a trip to the Coop was a joyous experience, a bit like Forrest Gump and his box of chocolates…’d go in there not knowing what you were going to come out with, our morning frappes at Aurum were entertaining, it was like watching a TV soap opera….there was always some drama going on, then there’s the daily trips to the beach, sitting on a sun-bed and swimming in the beautiful Ionian Sea, then there’s all the lovely tavernas we’ve eaten at and all the very tasty Greek food we’ve eaten, then there’s us speaking in Greek as much as we could to the delight of the locals who really appreciate it, then there’s us being resourceful due to the absence of a safety deposit box by using Maices new yellow suitcase on wheels as a ‘safe place’, so we’d wheel it out of its corner when needed and wheel it back in when everything was safely packed away…..the list is endless.

But what has made this holiday even more special are the wonderful people we’ve met……to name but a few and in no particular order, there was Frank and Carol, the two amazing and inspiring octogenarians who we sat with at Elvis night and an excellent night was had by all, there was Milan and Mustafa who we got talking to at the Village Taverna, there was Kevin and Jane who arrived towards the end of our holiday but we still had some great evenings around the pool bar, there was Gabriella and Cristos, who are absolutely amazing hosts and would do anything for you, what a lovely couple they are and then there’s Brian and Maureen. Well, what can we say about B&M. They are such a warm-hearted, lovable couple with such a great sense of humour that we really enjoyed spending time with them and being in their company……hopefully all has been forgiven after the ‘chairgate’ incident. But our final dedication must go to Nondas, the donkey, rescued by the locals and fed carrots by us, the tourists.  We hope he enjoys his retirement!

So, this is M&A saying goodbye Corfu and ‘hello’ Aberdeen, our next holiday in July.  Thank you all for reading and we look forward to taking you with us on our Aberdeen adventure!

M&A xx

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