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Hello!  This is us, M&A, known to family and friends as Maice and Angela. Friends since 2008 we love to go on holiday, to travel and see the world and whilst we’re away we like to tell the story of what we’ve done via our blogs.  We take lots of holiday snaps to send back to family and friends so they too can enjoy our holiday experiences.  I suppose you could say we are story tellers for the vicarious holiday maker!

We may seem a bit disorganised, and we don’t always have a plan of what we want to do, and every now and again we need to ‘regroup’ to get ourselves back on track but despite this we laugh our way through our holidays and most importantly………. we just ‘go with the flow‘!

So, if you fancy a holiday experience from the comfort of your sofa, grab yourself a nice cup of tea, coffee or a large glass of wine, settle down and come on our journey with us.

Happy holidays!

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