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Corfu Day 8 - 14.06.24: Photo-bombing at its best!

After Maice’s dalliance with Elvis in the rain last night surprisingly we didn’t get too wet. The only casualty from the rain was Maices sandals that squeaked and ‘made air’ the whole way home! Thankfully they’ve made a miraculous recovery this morning …..!

It was another chilly night under the air-con, thing is we have to keep it on now because a) it’s too hot and stuffy without it and b) the misquotes don’t like the cold so we don’t get bitten. Thankfully when we woke at 6.30am and threw the balcony doors open we knew it was going to be sunny, what we didn’t bank on was how windy it was going to be. Ah well, as long as one is sensible and uses a high factor suntan lotion like what we do, we should be fine…….as we know, the wind helps to accelerate one’s tan.

We went to breakfast intrigued as to what we’d find on the breakfast table this morning. Hard boiled eggs were displayed on the table as is the norm, but in place of the ham and cheese platter there was feta cheese, zucchini and onion omelette cut into pieces, spinach and dill patties and some larger patties with meat inside. It was all very tasty and very Cretan due to Katerina being from Crete, as she proudly told us this morning.

Now that the sunny weather is back the plan is to go for coffee at Aurum and I’ve told Maice that she now has to order her own frappe in Greek. She’s written it down phonetically as ‘Ya mena, Frappe sceto mah galla’, which translates to ‘for me, frappe no sugar with milk’. She’s been practising for the past couple of days and is getting there, slowly! She can now manage to ask for the bill (at a restaurant) ask to pay (in a bar or cafe), say good morning/afternoon/evening and order her drinks. So Bravo, well done Maice. We speak Greek as much as we can wherever we go and the locals really appreciate it.

So, after coffee we’re going to spend the day on the beach, take a picnic, sunbathe, swim then this evening were going up to the Village Taverna for supper ending up at our new coffee shop/cocktail bar for cocktails. Now that sounds like a good plan.

On the way to the bakery to purchase our ‘nice buns’ we went for coffee where Maice, for the first time, and as she’d practiced hundreds of times, asked for her coffee.  The waitress was well impressed. We then popped into the Coop to purchase some cheese for our buns and were treated like long lost friends by Alex the owner. We purchased cheddar cheese slices, Lay’s oregano crisps and a hair scrunchy plus we were gifted a feta cheese parcel and a bottle of water. Bless him what a little sweetheart he is.

We wandered down to Golden Beach and positioned ourselves literally two steps away from the waters edge, you couldn’t get any closer. We were greeted by Mario, the beach waiter who is so lovely and always calls us ‘my ladies’. He’s exceptionally polite, well mannered and has a lovely soft voice. What a nice guy he is.  It was a very hot day but fortunately the wind kept us cool and even though the sea was much rougher than previous days it was lovely to go in and cool down. We sat on our sun-beds and ate our nice buns washed down with an extremely cold bottle of Greek coke and then continued our sunbathing session until 3.30pm.  We knew it was time to go when some of the beach umbrellas got whipped up in the air, the last thing we wanted was being hit on the head with one of those!  We’d had a good sunbathing session today, bearable due to the wind. Tomorrow is going to be a different story as we’ve been told it’s  going to be very hot with no breeze. Phew!

Back at the room we ate the contents of our gifted feta parcel. Ah, bread and feta cheese, such a simple combination but it was so absolutely delicious. Thing is, if we tried this at home it just wouldn’t taste the same .  We showered, dolled ourselves up and set off along the road to the old village where we were eating at the Village Taverna. We’d also decided that on our last night we were going to eat at the Pesce Fish Bar so on the way we popped in to make a reservation. As we were walking up the hill to the old village we were followed by Maureen and Brian who were also eating there.  Its come highly recommended so we’re sure it’s going to be lovely…..and indeed it was.  It’s family run and all the family greet you like long lost relatives, they chat to you, make sure you’re having a good time and they really do look after you very well.

We were sat on a table next to two guys and of course we got talking to them. Mustafa and Milan, a lovely couple who live in Vienna and speak German to each other but have family living all around the world. We saw some photos of their lifestyle and we introduced them to our blog page……well, you know, we’ve got to promote ourselves at every opportunity!

We were also a bit mischievous with the Greek couple opposite. The guy had ordered a beer that came in this huge glass and as she was taking a photo of him drinking from it we photo-bombed their photo. Her reaction was hilarious when she saw the two of us in the photo, she couldn’t stop laughing and said she was going to send it to her mother in Cyprus. Amanda and Paul would be so proud of us!

We had planned to go to our new coffee bar for cocktails but decided instead to go back to the hotel pool bar and watch the final of the Greek basketball and possibly some of the football if it was on, not that we were interested. We met Kevin and Jane from Huddersfield who’d arrived the day before and Brian and Maureen were also at the bar so we all sat together and we had a really good evening. We did say to Brian that he was a dead-ringer for Adrian Dunbar aka Ted Hastings from Line of Duty …..which he knows, apparently he gets that all the time.

And on that note we’re off to our beds, so it’s καληνύχτα from me and it’s ‘Ya mena, Frappe sceto mah galla’…..from Maice!

M&A xx

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