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1Corfu - Day 10 16-06-24: The ‘short-cut’ that wasn’t and other stories…..!

It was the penultimate day of our holiday and we were going to make the most of it. The plan according to M&A went like this……breakfast, bakery, frappe at Aurum, beach, lunch, mini-market for wine, Pesce Fish Bar for supper, cocktails at Aurum, home, bed. Couldn’t be simpler.

Today’s breakfast consisted of cheese and ham filled wraps which we declined but then Katerina brought them over, insisted we try them and put some on our plates.  Having fished out the meat, which I then ate due to me eating meat every now and again we finished breakfast and headed out to the bakery for our buns then popped along to Aurum for our frappes. The plan so far was going well.

We headed down to the beach following Maureens instructions, a route we were told was supposed to be a short cut to the Golden Beach and our sun-beds. Turn left at Zorbas she said, then turn right then left, or was it turn left then right.  We got a bit confused here and ended up walking across a very spongy lawn.  So what might have been a short cut for Maureen and Brian in fact turned out to be much longer for us!!

Our usual sun-beds were taken and as we like to sit on the front sun-beds right next to the sea we sat a bit further up the beach. It was quite a cloudy start to the day but the sea was flat and calm, it was all rather ethereal and it was just so gorgeous lying on one’s sun-bed listening to the sea gently lapping against the shore. Then the families with their kids arrived and the peace and tranquility was swallowed up by shouting and crying children. Ah, what’s not to love!  We watched Ollie, who’s English and about eight years old make friends with Aris who’s Greek and probably the same age play together in the water, and even though they couldn’t understand each other they had a whale of a time. Ollie’s mum even bought them both ice lollies which Aris was going until later until his new friend Ollie told him to eat it straight away!

We left the beach at 3.30pm and not to be out-smarted by the short-cut we tried to walk it in reverse and this time got totally lost, firstly by taking a path that took us to a dead end then we followed another path where we ended up back on the beach right where we started. We finally made it to the main road just by Zorba’s, the route taking twice as long as it should have! Hey, where’s SatNav Steve when you need him!

We stopped off at the mini-market for a bottle of village wine then went to the greengrocers to buy some carrots for Nondas, the donkey. Bless him, the owner came out with a large bagful which we didn’t have to pay for.  Whilst in there we purchased a very large bag of oregano as we’re going to try and replicate the feta cheese parcels that Alex from the Coop gives us plus we’ll probably gift some of it to our friends.

Back at the room we showered, started packing, played Rummy on the balcony and then got ourselves ready for supper.  We were off to Pesce Fish Bar for our last supper as it was so lovely last time we were there we just had to return on our last night.  It didn’t disappoint. We had the octopus again, chef salad, calamari and chips all washed down with a carafe of local wine.  It was a super meal and so reasonably priced. Who should walk in but Mustafa and Milan who we met the other night at the Village Taverna. We had a brief chat then made our way up to the Aurum bar for cocktails and some people watching.  I had a very strong Negroni and Maice had a Hand-in-Glove, she’s no idea what was in it but it was apparently very nice.

Back at the hotel pool bar we planned only to have one drink……and one drink only. Three large wines and two ouzos later we left the bar, me rather worse for wear I am told, having had a fantastic evening in the company of Kevin and Jane, Brian and Maureen and Gabriella.  Apparently Gabriella has family in Canada and can speak Canadian just like what Maice can! It was such a lovely evening and we got them all involved in the panorama photo where you mirror yourselves at either end. It was hilarious as Maice had us all running round her to get to the other side of the photo. At one point she asked Maureen to sit down which just so happened to be at the same time that I moved Maureens chair out of the way to give us room to run around. Well, you can imagine what happened next, poor Maureen landed right on her coccyx bone……hope she’s ok.

On that note we made our way up to our room in desperate need of sleep…….!


M&A xx

P.s. I’m never drinking again!!

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Jun 17

Never drinking again!!! I’ve heard that before 🤣🤣🥰

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