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Corfu - Day 7 13-06-24: It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn…it’s a new coffee bar!

We woke at 7am and through the shutters, instead of bright sunshine we saw only darkness. Mmm, this doesn’t bode well, we thought. We threw open the shutter doors to be greeted by a cloud ridden sky……yes, it looked like rain could be on the way and indeed, on checking the weather app, that’s exactly what was reported.  Rain showers, not heavy rain mind.  Ok, so yesterday’s plan for today was to spend the day on the beach but a rethink was most definitely in order.  We’d go down to breakfast and look at the options that were available to us.

As always we were the first to arrive. Katerina always does something different for breakfast although the staples are always there…..cold hard boiled eggs, bread and of course the cheese and ham platter.  Today she’d added a very flat, meat omelette, sandwiches (we didn’t investigate as to the fillings) and chocolate croissants.  So, due to the inclement weather we decided to spice things up today and we’re not going to the bakery for our frappe today, we’re going off-piste and heading past the bakery to a little coffee bar/cocktail bar we came across the other day.  Then, we’ll buy some rolls for lunch and wander back to the hotel and stay around the pool and should it rain then at least we don’t have far to walk to our room. Great, sorted….we like it when a plan comes together. As for our plans for the evening we were going to the Pizzeria for a pizza and then off to the Golden Beach cocktail bar, home of Elvis to see the Greek dancing show.

There are two Pizzeria’s down the road from us so before heading off for coffee we did a recce of them  both.  Pizza Sul Posto had a story board explaining the family history and would you believe it there seems to be a Canadian connection, so of course we’ll be going there tonight. Then, as we were walking up the road Kostas from Tassos Grill Taverna was going into the greengrocers so we stopped and had a chat with him and told him how much we enjoyed yesterday evening at his taverna.

The sun was starting to shine through the clouds when we set off along the road to our new coffee bar and once we arrived we got a front row seat overlooking the main road. It was a great spot for not only people watching at the bus stop but watching the traffic come and go, which if you’re used to Greek life on the roads you’ll know how entertaining this can be. We ordered two frappes which arrived in glass tumblers accompanied by two glasses of water, two biscuits and the bill.  We knew these weren’t going to cost €2 each like at the bakery and we were right. They cost €3.50 each but they were worth every penny.  We decided there and then that we’d come here for the remainder of our holiday and tomorrow night after we’ve been to the Village Taverna up in the old town we would come here afterwards for cocktails in the little banana tree garden round the side. We must have spent at least an hour sat there, enjoying the scenery and watching the world go by. We were rather amused when these two English couples who’d arrived yesterday morning asked us where’ bar street’ was.  They’d wandered down the ‘main strip’ last night and as it was so quiet they assumed ‘bar street’ was somewhere else.  They were most disappointed when we told them this was it!  We did tell them about Buddies Bar with its Ozzy Osbourne tribute night and Karaoke evenings and also told them about Elvis being down at the Golden Beach cocktail bar so hopefully they’ll find those entertaining.

We went into the banana garden next door which like the coffee shop was bijou but very tasteful and the ideal location for another photo shoot and, being the only two in there that’s what we did. Honestly, what are we like!

We decided to wander further up the road to see if there was anything of interest and found a shop and a supermarket. Well, can you believe it…..we actually found a face flannel for Maice and what a bargain it was at just €2.  You see, if you persevere and keep on the lookout you will eventually get what you want, most of the time that is! Not only did we purchase a €2 face flannel we purchased from the chemist a bottle of refreshing eye drops since both of us have been suffering with dry eyes ll holiday, no doubt due to a) the sun and b) the air-conditioning! €16 we paid for a little bottle which when we looked on line to see how much it really way you could get it for €10!  We’ve been robbed!

We purchased two large buns from the bakery for lunch and headed back to the hotel.  Unfortunately the sun still hadn’t managed to make an appearance but not to worry, we could at least have a siesta on our sun-beds as we were feeling a bit weary due to the muggy weather. What we need and indeed were hoping for was a good downpour and thunderstorm to clear the air! Once again we were the only two around the pool but it was so lovely and peaceful and the cicadas, even though they were loud, just added to this lovely peaceful ambience. It was very relaxing. For lunch we made laughing cow cheese, Emmental cheese and crisp buns, nice buns by the way, washed down with a large glass of local wine then retired to our sun-beds for an afternoon siesta.  We were only out there for half an hour when the heavens opened and large plops of rain fell on us.  Time to go back to the room and do a spot of admin and probably continue with our siesta!

Feeling refreshed we got ourselves ready for supper and headed out to the Pizza Sul Posto and sat at the front of the restaurant so we could do some more people watching. There’s a mini-market almost opposite with limited parking spaces outside so watching the locals as they tried to park their cars as close to the entrance as possible was rather entertaining.  They’d double park, they’d block each other in, they’d park with inches to spare next to other cars and bikes and then haphazardly reverse out into the main street, honestly we couldn’t look sometimes we literally thought they were going to hit something.  To top it all it started to rain. Not heavy rain, but rain all the same and the canopy in the Pizzeria had to be brought down to stop us getting wet.  We wondered how long it would go on for and whether or not the Greek night was still on, when suddenly it stopped which was fortunate as our pizzas had just arrived and we didn’t want soggy bottomed pizzas!  We must say they were absolutely delicious, mushroom for Maice and four cheese for me….we still don’t know what the Canadian connection is but at the end of the ‘our story’ history of the place they refer to it as the anniversary of the Canadian Pizza House. We still couldn’t work it about as they don’t mention Canada anywhere else in their story. It’s all very strange.

As we walked along the main road on our way to Greek night we found a clothes shop that hadn’t been there the day before so of course in we went. I walked in there in a green short floaty dress and walked out in a long low-cut strappy number.  Well it was a ‘special price’ so I just couldn’t say no!

We arrived at Golden Beach, the venue for Greek night and it was empty. Obviously today’s inclement weather had put them off together with the rain showers we’ve been having this evening.  Not to worry, we went to the cocktail bar next door and ordered ourselves two negroni’s.  They were actually rather nice even though we’d been warned by certain people that they’re all watered down.  Over on the horizon towards Corfu town the sky was black with a few streaks of lightning piercing the sky then it started to rain. We moved our chairs further under the canopy and smiled at everyone walking along the boardwalk getting wet in the downpour.  It soon went off but then returned. Greek night was most definitely off. By the time we’d finished our drink and were ready to go it was still raining.  We could either stay, have another drink and wait for the rain to dissipate or we could just walk home in the rain, after all, it’s only water. So that’s what we did. We walked home in the rain making sure we didn’t get splashed by the cars driving along the roads!

We didn’t make it to the pool bar this evening even though the basketball final was on ……fingers crossed Panathinaikos win tonight so that Cristos can go to work a happy man.

On that note we bid you καληνιχτα and fingers crossed for good weather tomorrow….

M&A xx

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