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Corfu - Day 5 11-06-24: It was a day that just kept giving!

We woke up at 4.30am absolutely frozen.  We’d had the air-con on all night to keep the mosquitos at bay, which seemed to work, but it took us hours to thaw out and warm up! Honestly, it felt like we’d slept the night in a fridge!


We chose a breakfast table in the sun to help us warm up and went to admire Katerina’s handiwork. Today, as well as the daily hard-boiled eggs and the cheese and meat platter there was a very flat cheese omelet, little spinach pasties, croissants, and croissants filled with an avocado, mayo and tomato mix, all home made of course. It was a very nice selection.  We were just enjoying breakfast when we had a message from our friend Jane who wanted to know what we’d done with the shared ‘days out’ photo album on the iPad as it seems to have disappeared. Of course all fingers pointed to Maice who had inadvertently deleted the previous folder a few years ago but she insisted that she was innocent this time. Seems that none of us who had access to the folder had deleted it so we’re rather stumped by its disappearance. We googled the internet to find out how to retrieve it but it returned nothing useful so we’ve had to set up yet another ‘days out’ album! If anyone should have any ideas on where our album has disappeared to and how we can get it back, please get in touch!

The plan for today was a) breakfast b) morning frappes at the bakery c) a day on the beach d) supper at Pesce fish bar and e) a night with Elvis down at Golden Beach. That was the plan….let’s see if we stick to it!  We decided we’d take our own lunch with us to the beach so when we were at the bakery we purchased two lovely rolls and filled them with laughing cow cream cheese, and cheese slices that we’d purchased the day before. Fortunately we’d brought our tiny travel knife with us and before we knew it we’d made our own rolls, the crisps we’d add later.

We took ourselves off to to the Golden Beach sun-beds where we swam and sunbathed until lunchtime when, still sat on our sunbeds we tucked into our homemade cheese rolls with added crisps, washed down with two Greek beers. Ah, homemade is always the best!

It was hot and the breeze had dropped, the shade of the umbrella providing little respite to the high-temperatures so we packed up and headed back to the hotel but not before stopping off to say hello to Χονδας the donkey and feed him a carrot. He came hurtling over, delighted to be fed with yet another of his 5-a-day vegetables. Goodness knows how many he goes through a day what with the number of people that take him a carrot.

Back at the room we cooled down with the air-con on then sat outside on the balcony playing Rummy and drinking wine. I lost miserably again…..Maice always seeming to get the lucky hand. I think we’ll swop seats tomorrow and see if I’m any luckier!

We were off to the Pesce Fish Bar tonight which came highly recommended and they weren’t wrong.  It’s a tiny place just opposite the bakery (the bakery is called Despina by the way) and only has six tables and a high bar table that can seat eight but their menu is only fish. We both ordered the grilled octopus, Pesce salad, bread and a carafe of dry white house wine.  Omg, the octopus was so delicious, Pesce is definitely in the running for supper on our last night. The only thing that spoilt if for us was the two Italian couples that came in and sat opposite us.  They were the most rudest, most obnoxious people you could ever meet, and so absolutely disrespectful to the waitress. They had absolutely no manners……what a disgrace they were.

After supper we thought we’d take a νολτα (a stroll/walk) to the end of the boardwalk and do a fashion shoot. There’s this little jetty close to the Sea Breeze taverna and as it was such a still evening, the sea was like a mill pond and the colours were very ethereal we thought we’d walk out there to take some atmospheric shots, however we forgot it was in front of a hotel and there was at least an audience of 100 people sat looking out to sea so we scotched that ‘location’ and found a boardwalk instead down to the waters edge that would suffice.

‘Photo shoot’ complete we headed down the boardwalk to the Golden Beach Bar where Elvis was performing. We didn’t quite know what to expect as we’d heard all sorts of reviews about the show and his singing prowess so when we arrived at the venue, a huge outdoor garden area, we found a seat near the exit, you know just in case we need to make a quick getaway.  We’d only been sat down for a few minutes when the waiter asked if we’d be happy to share our table with two other people and of course we said yes ……. and along came Carol and Frank, two octogenarians from just outside Manchester. Well, what a great night we all had. We were chatting and laughing so much that at one point we appeared to upset Elvis who appeared behind us whilst singing and walking around the garden and literally glared at us. It was hilarious. The Compare of the show was so dreadful it was funny but Elvis sang ok considering he’s been dead for 46 years plus he stole two songs of Frank Sinatra’s for his encore!!  But what a great night we had and what an absolutely lovely and inspiring couple Carol and Frank were, you’d never guess they were both 82 years old. The things they’ve done and got up to in their lives is amazing. Even the waiter came up to us and thanked us for letting them sit on our table as he could tell we clicked straight away.  Well, that’s M&A for you….always up for an adventure in any shape or form.

When ‘Elvis had left the building’ we said our goodbyes to Carol and Frank and made our way back to the hotel and before we knew it Day 5 had turned into Day 6……it was 12.30 am. Hey, what’s happening to us on this holiday with all these late nights we’re having.  We stopped off at the pool bar to regale the others of our Elvis experience and then took ourselves off to bed but not before raising the air-con temperature from 18 to 20….hopefully we won’t feel like we’re sleeping in a fridge tonight!!

M&A…..who are all ‘shook up’ xx

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