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Zante: Day 6 – 05.09.16………….A quite day at sea!

Ahoy there one million tourists! A holiday isn't a holiday without a day at sea......all that sun, sand and relaxing. Actually, it turned out to be only the first two!

Let me explain! After booking a day to the Blue Caves and the Shipwreck, we opted for an 'on-the-go' breakfast as our cruise set sail at 9am. The agent, crazy Canadian Carmen promised that as we would be one of the first boats at the shipwreck, it would be quiet. How lovely, we thought.

Dianne and Pearl went off to source cheese pies and arranged to meet Maice and I at the port. Packed lunches were organised, consisting of cheese, rolls, and wine! Yum.

We were soon all aboard the 'Golden Dolphin' glass bottom boat......we were first on board and bagged seats on the top deck! Suddenly a fellow sailor appeared on deck who seemed quite attached to his selfie stick and took hundreds (no joke) photos of himself, posing left, right and then proceeded this ritual over and over again. At one point a female appeared for a selfie too! We found it rather amusing when he decided to film himself jumping into the water, selfie stick and all and promptly lost his camera in the sea! Alas, he found it and as it was waterproof we were back to left, right etc etc. get the 'picture'!

We arrived at the shipwreck after a pleasant cruise to be told by the bellowing 'non chilled' captain, who we named Captain Stress, that we had 'ONE HOUR, ONE HOUR' on the beach. This one hour started from when the boat actually touched the beach and with 60 people to offload down a precariously positioned ladder you can imagine it was not a five minute procedure. On the beach there were a few tourists lounging around but otherwise it was fairly quiet........funny how things change at the drop of hat. Within a nanosecond the beach had been descended upon by lots more tourist boats bringing hundreds of tourists, most of them with selfie sticks. One body builder guy who was sporting a skimpy pair of speedos, massive abs and biceps was also sporting a rather elongated part of his anatomy......that'll teach him for eyeing us up as we pranced about in our bikinis. Ha, ha if only! But honestly, the girlies were parading about, selfie stick in hand with their arses hanging out of their g-strings.......and that's just Pearl! Ha, ha………honestly, she's such an exhibitionist!

Exactly one hour later Captain Stress arrived back with the boat and it was every man for himself! It wasn't a case of woman and children first scenario here. Push, shove, kick….. as long as you got on the boat ladder ahead of the next person, who cared who got injured! You have to laugh though. Captain Stress totally lost the plot as some unsuspecting swimmers appeared at the side of the boat, were bawled at and called 'malakas' and many other unsavoury Greek names for their troubles!

Onwards and homeward bound we sailed but not before a swim stop at the blue caves. As soon as we’d got into the water we were all summonsed back on deck by Captain Stress then it was off to our final stop which was the sulphur springs. Ah, what a ‘relaxing’ day out this turned out to be!

Back at the apartments, glad rags donned, we set off for our Greek night to the 'Kaki Rahi' taverna where we had visited on the trainaki. We devoured the lovely greek fare and a jug-aki of wine each... (also known as giraffe-aki)! The entertainment started with two traditional dancers, lots of waving of the hands, light on the feet moves and paper napkin throwing before we witnessed the 'spectacular' dancer known as Spiraki (he really was a dinky chap so we can call him 'aki'). Enough with the 'akis' I hear you say! Unable to hold back with our dancing feet any longer we rushed up to the dance floor to take part in a Greek version of 'here we go round the mulberry bush'.......

Spiraki was lethal with his can of lighter fuel, making heart shapes of the floor and setting light to the wooden beams. As The Prodigy would have said ' he's the 'Firestarter'. Did you know, Health and safety is a strictly adhered to practice in Greece!

The bus had arrived to take us back home but not before a quick go on the rodeo outside which brought to the end what was a great day and fun filled evening.

What will tomorrow bring we ask ourselves???

M,A,P,D xxxx

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