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Zante: Day 3 - 02.09.16………….Choo Choo train, running down the track!

We woke up feeling very refreshed.......Fanny had done us proud and was still going strong even when we opened up the doors to let the morning air in. Feeling full of energy Maice and I went for a pre-breakfast walk to the beach and ended up swimming in the sea. We would have liked to have gone skinny dipping but thought better of it so we ditched our bikini tops and swam topless. Nothing wrong with that, men do it all the time! It was glorious and we were the only two in the sea and considering it was only 8am the sea was really warm. Meanwhile, whilst we were splashing about in the water Pearl had also got up early and went exploring. This lovely Alsatian puppy befriended her and followed her everywhere. They soon happened upon a small croft full of hens, cock-a-doodle doers and what she thinks were turkeys. Approaching them to say 'hello' their inquisitive nature soon turned threatening and they quickly made haste, being chased by a group of marauding poultry. Luckily they escaped unharmed........can you imagine the headlines .....''Scottish woman attacked by frenzied chickens in Zante'!

Maice and I were hosting breakfast due to our balcony being in the shade and Pearl and Dianne brought the leftovers from the day before. We made a melon and banana parfait in our special glasses, courtesy of M&S and ate another healthy breakfast.

It was pool day today so we quickly bagged our sunbed's and settled down for a long spell of sunbathing. The trouble with sunbathing around the pool is that there is absolutely no breeze and we were soon all zapped of any energy we had. We did have a lovely lunch though; Greek salad and Mythos beer. To cool down we commandeered the kiddies pool, which was about one foot deep and stretched out. It was to keep cool and get a suntan all at the same time.

As we were chatting we thought we should look at doing some excursions. To be honest, we did wonder if we had the energy but no, we needed to get out and see the island. Pearl had seen on tripadvisor a recommendation to go on the Trainaki, which goes from our resort into the surrounding villages, so we booked it up for day €12.50 it was a real bargain. Maice was getting really excited about going on a Greek train until we told her it was like the one that runs up and down Weymouth beach. We did explain to her the difficulty of going on a real train in Zante when there were in fact no train lines on the island! She consequently lowered her expectations of the excursion.

For supper, we agreed to eat at the taverna opposite Danny's which was hosting a quiz night which didn't start till eleven so we had the usual aperitifs on the balcony and carried on our rummy tournament. We have all come to the conclusion that Maice is no longer to be left in charge of the 'bar'. She didn't pour single measures, or indeed doubles or triple measures, no ladies and gentlemen, it seemed she was pouring quadruples!!! No wonder we were sozzled by the time we sat down for supper. Of course it didn't stop us having our giraffe of wine with our meal......but hey, sometimes you've just gotta do what you've gotta do! After supper we walked across the road to 'quiz night' at Danny's. Of course we had to order a drink to which they also brought out an ouzo 'shot', then about twenty minutes later the quiz began. To say that it was the most boring quiz we have even been to is an understatement. OMG, the quiz mistress was the most boring and had the most mundane voice ever. We all looked at each other and decided we couldn't sit through forty questions of that ilk, we were only on question six, so we got up and went home, and I'll have you know, we went straight to our rooms and straight to our beds. No nightcap for us tonight. Mind you the bar was closed!!!

M,A,P,D xxxx

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