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Zante: Day 1 – 31.08.16……………A shave too close!

Sunday afternoon and the excitement was mounting. The Hokey Cokey packing had been done.......honestly I think the older one gets the more difficult it is to decide what to pack and a quick shower and a shave was next on the agenda. Up until then everything had been going according to plan until I was in the shower that is and picked up the razor blade.

If you're familiar with the film Psycho you'll know where I'm coming from but honest to god, you cannot believe the amount of blood that can come from a shaving wound. I only went and shaved a big lump of skin from the front of my right leg and it bled and it bled and it bled. All I can say is how lucky I was that I wasn't shaving my 'lady garden'! With not a plaster in the house I was wondering how to flow the stem of blood, which wouldn't stop, but after fifteen minutes in the shower I managed to hop out to the bedroom, lay down on the bed lay and put my leg up against the wall. And that's where it stayed for the next few hours. Every time I took my foot down it would bleed so unfortunately it had to stay suspended against the wall. Being a bit scantily dressed my feet were beginning to get a bit chilly so I had to don said feet with my bright pink trainer socks. Not really a pretty sight but I was compelled to stay like that until at least 11pm when I decided I needed to 'go to bed'. I built myself a tower of pillows at the bottom of the bed so that I could keep my foot elevated and promptly tried to go to sleep.

Feeling sorry for myself I texted Maice who said she would take me to A&E.......obviously her idea of a joke! I had a fitful sleep, listened to the radio until 3pm, ditched the pillows which were proving to be extremely uncomfortable and fell asleep, waking two hours later to a very chirpy Kylie Minogue. Thankfully, my leg had stopped bleeding but there was now a lovely red scab, at least two inches in length threatening to form. I got up, took my berroca (for much needed energy) and waited for my chauffeur Maice to turn up. How she turned up on time I'll never know as she had set her alarm

for 5pm instead of 5am. Honestly, I do worry about that woman! last, the car was packed, the SatNav was switched on (we weren't taking any chances this time) and off we set. A minute down the road Maice starts going on about it being windy in the car. Now, I had mentioned to Maice that my stomach was playing up a tad but I can hand on heart say that this wind had absolutely nothing to do with me! We soon discovered that the back window was slightly ajar which was causing a draught. All sorted again, we set off but where was Steve, our man in the SatNav? That's what Maice calls him. I would have called him Bruce, what with him being Australian but Steve it is, in honour of her friend Steve who bought it for her for her 50th birthday. It was obviously far too early for him as we tried to wake him up but to no avail. We shouted at him, tapped on the glass and eventually, threatening to throw him out of the window if he didn't speak to us it seemed to do the trick and suddenly he sprang to life. He was doing quite well until we reached some crossroads and then all fell silent again. Was he sick? Had he fallen asleep again? I knocked on the glass to wake him up but seemed he'd gone for breakfast, or a beer! Honestly, these Aussies! So we were now in a dilemma as to which way to go. Left, right or straight on. We deliberated a while and then decided to go straight on. Fortunately, for once we made the right decision and Steve once again got back to the job at hand and guided us on. At one point we got stuck behind this tractor which had a huge spirally attachment on the back and the car behind us in its wisdom decided to overtake us and then went to overtake the tractor just as it was turning right into a field. Honestly this driver nearly got himself killed as the attachment from the tractor swung out just narrowly missing the car. People are just so much in a hurry these days they put not only themselves but others at risks. So, another 'close shave', accident narrowly avoided, after half an hour we found ourselves at the Silver parking terminal just outside Bristol Airport. What a result, and we were earlier than we thought. Good on ya Steve!

To say the queue at the check in desk was slow was an understatement. Honestly, what were they doing. We wouldn't mind, it wasn't a huge queue to begin with.........I think it had to do with people moving items from their 'too heavy' luggage into their hand luggage. We both wondered if our luggage was over the 15kg allowance as we both thought our cases felt much heavy than usual. As it turned out, mine was 15.2 and Maice's was 17.7kg. Goodness knows what she had in there as I brought a lot of the toiletries. As it happened, it turned out to be loads and loads of clothes! So much for travelling light!

The flight was on time and rather none eventful. We had our two bottles of Prosecco (small airline size I must add) and a box of Pringles to get ourselves into the holiday spirit and before we knew it, we had landed. We had boarded the plane back in Bristol in bright sunshine and we arrived in bright sunshine and extremely warm temperatures. Bliss!

The drive from the airport to Alykanas really showed off how lovely the island of Zakynthos is. We couldn't wait to get to the apartments and start the holiday. Arriving at Litsa Studios we were welcomed by our two friends 'Pearl and Diane' from Aberdeen who had arrived earlier that morning. We're in room no. 1 on the ground floor overlooking the pool and it's really nice......can you believe, it's the first Greek studios we have stayed in where there are lots of coat hangers and drawer space!

Maice and I unpacked and then we all went off in search of food and drink. I must say we were pretty famished. We decided upon a meze and we said a fond 'hello' to the obligatory 'giraffe' of wine. All in all, it was a lovely meal.

By 9.30pm we were done in and made our way back to the apartments. Of course we had to have a night cap in the form of more wine before finally calling it a night at 10.30pm.

We were all hoping for a good nights's so quiet here, what could possibly happen?

Night all…

M,A,P,D xxxx

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