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Zante: Day 5 – 04.09.16……………A hairy day at the beach!

After another delicious breakfast of yogurt and fruit was consumed we decided to have a beach day as sitting around the pool was proving to be far too hot for us fair ladies. The question was, which beach should we go to today? It seems that for some reason on this holiday, none of us are able to make a decision about anything! However, after much deliberation, we went with Pearl's suggestion of the Ammos Bar, which she had spotted on one of her morning walks. So beach decided, we packed our bags and set off along the high road, walking for at least one kilometre. By the time we arrived, selected our sun beds and laid down, we were exhausted. It really is hard work all this holidaying stuff!

We were just beginning to doze off when the peace and quite and gentle lapping of the waves was rudely interrupted by three from Ireland who sounded very much like Mrs Brown, and two from Newcastle, with one sounding very much like Sarah Millican. As you can imagine they decided to come and park themselves next to us so we were party to their conversations, in fact they were not 'quite' ladies by any means and I'm sure everyone sunbathing at the Ammos bar heard what they were getting up to in the evenings as they talked 'amongst themselves'! Now these three 'ladies' were probably in their late forties late fifties and the Sarah Miliican soundalike decided to have her complete head of hair braided by one of these pedlars on the beach. It was going to cost €120 euros, would take three hours and would last for three months. She chose the colour for her hair strands, which can only be described as a muddy brown/red. I must say, we were really looking forward to seeing the end result after the three hours. In between the time it took to braid her hair we had sunbathed, swam, bought and ate lunch, drunk a freddoccino, sat through a thunder storm and by the time the winds had arrived it was three thirty and she still wasn't finished. Poor Dianne was covered in strands of the wispy false hair strands that were being blown in her direction. Eventually, due to the wind getting up Sarah M soundalike was moved to an area out of the wind, and as we had already spent a good six hours on the beach we were forced by the wind and the menacing big black clouds that had assembled above our sunbeds to leave. So we never got to see the end result of SM Soundalike's hair. All we can say is after a marathon hair-do of five hours we hope she liked it.....we didn't, but hey, we don't have to wear it.

After our aperitifs at sunset and a game of UNO we set off in search of supper and stopped by a tourist agency to look at the trips. We were introduced to Carmen, another Canadian! who talked us into a half day boat excursion to the 'blue caves' and the 'shipwreck' beach. We could just muster a half day so we paid up and continued our search for supper. We ended in a place on the beach called Varaida where unfortunately for Maice she had her worst meal of the holiday. Being a vegetarian she chose a selection of vegetables but when the plate came everything had been fried. I must say, it didn't look too appetising and according to Maice it didn't taste too good either. Never mind, we were given a free giraffe of wine, which believe it or not, we didn't really want and which we struggled to drink.

Back at the apartments we were advised by Dennis (who incidently worked for the Greek police for thirty years), who had popped his head over our balcony, that we had to close our balcony doors. Honestly, he must have eyes in the back of his head, he seems to know everything we do and what time we get back........!

With balcony doors shut, we bid you goodnight….

M,A,P,D xxxx

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