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Zante: Day 4 - 03.09.16………….Maice's non-alcoholic day!

Breakfast as usual was taken on our balcony and consisted of the usual; yogurt and fruit. The talk turned to our first excursion of the holiday, the trainaki trip. We wondered if it would take us up into the mountains and there ensued a debate about what is a mountain and what is a hill! Obviously, according to Maice, who hails from Canada all the 'mountains' on the island of Zante were hills to her but for the rest of us they looked like mountains not hills. So, if any of you can clarify what is the difference between a mountain and a hill we would be very grateful.

We were to meet the trainaki at the Jammin bar but as we were early we popped into a cafe for a freddoccino. It was here that Maice declared a non-alcoholic day for herself, well only until the cocktail hour at 7.30pm that is. As you can imagine, this caused much mirth and amusement to the rest of us who categorically didn't believe a word of it, but she seemed adamant that she would last the ten hours......well let's wait and see shall we.

We finally boarded the trainaki. Did you know, that in Greek when you add 'aki' to the end of a word it makes things smaller, diminutive, so 'train' becomes 'trainaki' as it's a little train. We sat in the two front seats and as we set off the train driver repeatedly tooted his horn, to which all four of responded........Choo choo.....choo choo...... like the big kids that we are! So, this went on all the way round the salt flats, where we were also waving to everyone we passed, and who also waved back, and continued until we came to our first stop; the museum. I must say that this was no ordinary museum, it was a touchy, feely museum where you could look and touch and prod everything, which was fortunate really, due to the fact that the 'Canadian' in our group couldn't keep her hands off everything!!

After an interesting 'look around' we got back on the trainaki and moved about fifty yards down the lane to the little church (which to confuse things is not called a 'churchaki') and went and had a look inside. It was very Greek and outside they had a tap with sulphur water that the guide said was 'healing water' but was not for consumption, only for pouring over poorly parts of the body. So Maice thought she'd use it on her arthritic hands, Pearl thought she'd put it on her mosquito bite, I put it on her razored leg and Dianne currently didn't have any ailments.

Our guide then invited us into the taverna opposite the church for a jug of wine each. Ok, it wasn't a giraffe of wine but a 'jug-aki', but it put Maice in a bit of a dilemma, what with it being her 'non alcohol' day. So, I have to report that in less than one hour of making a declaration Maice failed considerably and sat down and enjoyed her wine, having had to quickly put a caveat into her declaration!

We spent a lovely hour in the taverna, had lunch and booked to go back on Saturday for their Greek night. We thoroughly enjoyed our little trainaki trip and would definitely recommend it to others.

Back at the apartments we swam, sunbathed, commandeered the kiddies pool again and deliberated once again about our impending day trip to Kefalonia. He have been contemplating hiring a car for two days and taking it on the ferry on a day trip to Kefalonia. Simples, one would think, but no, it has caused much debate not only between ourselves but with Dennis and Pericles who have been helping us find the best way. However, what we thought would be really simple has turned out to be extremely complicated, so unfortunately it looks like Kefalonia may be a no-no.

The cocktail hour came and went with a few hands of UNO played and then we went in search of supper. We found a very nice taverna where we were given a complimentary ouzo as an aperitif, enjoyed a meze, a giraffe of wine and given a complimentary giraffe-aki of wine. All in all, it's been a lovely day.

We made our way back to the apartments heading straight to the bar for a nightcap where as we were debating the Kefalonia trip once again we were joined by a woman-aki (honestly she was like a Polly Pocket) who was from Columbia, was part Irish and something else, lived in Copenhagen with her boyfriend who was ten years younger and from Slovakia or somewhere like that and who had joined us for a drink because her boyfriend was drunk! Honestly, these people who can't hold their drink. To say we got her lifestory in ten minutes was an understatement. I don't know, maybe we just attract the waifs and strays ........!

Night all

M,A,P,D xxxx

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