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Zante: Day 15 – 14.09.16……………Time to say goodbye!

It was a long night. I awoke at 4.09am and tossed and turned my way to 7.21am and didn't realise that Maice had done exactly the same. We flung the balcony doors open to be welcomed by not blue skies but thunderous looking low lying clouds, and it had been raining. Typical, as we had pegged some of our stuff out on the washing line to dry in time to be packed away. Now it was damp again! Never mind, we set off to the beach for our early morning swim, me in my nightie.......again. I really must congratulate M&S for the versatility of their night wear. As we were swimming we could see the lighting flashes on the opposite island of Kefalonia and thunder was rumbling in the distance. Best not stay in the water too long we thought!

Back at the apartments we had a leisurely breakfast, finished packing, walked to the bakery for rolls and spinach pies and back again to make our packed lunch for the airport and the flight. We were hoping not to be delayed, but who knew with this dodgy weather.

With a heavy heart we handed our keys back in, stored our luggages in reception and took a stroll to the DNA bar for coffee and a round of rummy. Maice still in the lead! After coffee we walked back to the Bliss bar for lunch.....unfortunately on the way, we were lured in to a tourist shop where we parted with our money once again! At Bliss bar we ordered our Greek salad, a giraffe-aki of wine for me and a small bottle of water for Maice. Once again Maice had taken the no-alcohol pledge for the day, but on seeing me pouring myself a lovely glass of wine for the last time, she decided to put in a caveat so that she could have one glass! Honestly, she has absolutely no will power! Played rummy and OMG I actually took the lead. Only for a couple of rounds but I must say, it felt good, and of course I still hold the record for the highest round with 245 points.

It was almost pick up time and we headed back to wait for the coach which arrived forty five minutes late. We were fearing the worst with the flight which although it had taken off on time from Bristol the storm was threatening to take hold as it had started to rain, there was thunder and there was forked lightning streaking the sky. We arrived at the airport, conscious of the terrible ordeal that had befallen our two amigos, Pearl and Dianne. So far, so good....we only stood in the check-in queue for fifteen minutes, sailed on through passport control, found a seat and took out the deck of cards. The really good news was that the weather was beginning to clear up and we breathed a sigh of relief when we saw the Thomas Cook flight land. At least it was here. After that the rest of the journey was smooth. Fortunately we had no sobbing youth in our row like P&D, if fact we had no one else in our row of seats so I sat by the window, Maice sat by the aisle and we used the middle seat to eat our picnic and play rummy and best of all, the captain told us we would be arriving forty five minutes early. So what turned out to be an airport day that could have gone horribly wrong actually turned into another fine day for us.

The flight went really quickly, we played rummy most of the time with Maice the overall tournament winner with 12,835 points against my 12,580.......never mind, remember my 245 points which has yet to be beaten.

Apart from Maice's suitcase being one of the last off the carousel the arrival experience was pretty smooth. Picking up the car, we decided that after such a long day we couldn't listen to SatNav Steve so we decided to go it alone and drove home via the M5. It was a road we knew rather than a windey road we didn't, and surprise surprise we didn't get lost. We just read the signposts and made it back home.

There's nothing better than your own bed, and we couldn't wait to get into was the only thing we didn't like about the Litsa Apartments, the uncomfortable beds. Well folks, we've had another great holiday, in a lovely part of the world and now it's over. I'm looking forward to picking up Milly and hearing all about her holiday at the Home and Away cattery. I wonder if it's been as interesting and as much fun as ours?

Until the next holiday, to wherever and whenever that will be!

M&A xx

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