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Zante: Day 14 – 13.09.16…………Tripadvisor here we come!

Our last full day in resort meant an early start, 7.30am to be precise and a walk to the beach for our early morning swim. Honestly, you just can't beat it.....we're the only people on the beach, the sun is just coming up, the sea is mill pond flat, it's glorious and the twenty minute walk there and the twenty minute walk back is good exercise too.

On our return we had breakfast and then had a dejavue moment as we walked back to the beach, this time laden with all our beach paraphernalia. As we weren't going back to our usual spot, due to the lunch episode the previous day we thought we'd try the sunbed's next door to them but we weren't keen as there were too many of them all crammed together so we wandered along the beach in search of some nice sunbed's that would do us for our last day. We found some further on from where we came on our first day, plonked our stuff down and got down to some serious last day sunbathing. Swimming, sunbathing, swimming, sunbathing......this is the life, and before we knew it it was lunch time. Two beers, spinach pies and a beetroot and feta cheese salad was our lunch today and it was lovely. The spinach pies in particular where delicious. Back then to our sunbathing and before we knew it it was time to leave the beach and go back and pack!

We only had enough left for one G&T as we played rummy....Maice now well in the lead, before we set off to The Lemon Tree for our final meal. If you remember we came here when we had the car and were with P&D so we chose this taverna for our last night as we really enjoyed the food. They say you should never go back to the same place twice as it's never the same...........well read on!

We walked the twenty minutes to get there, sat down and ordered a giraffe of wine. For starters, we decided on calamari and spinach pies and for main course I opted for lamb kleftiko and Maice went for the vegetarian moussaka. Well, the spinach pies were not a bit like the ones we had last time we were here, which were nice and puffy. These had been put in the microwave and the pastry was all soggy. Yuk. The calamari didn't look too good either and when we were eating it we both found what looked like bones (as squid don't have bones we presume this was cartilage, but they were long and bendy) all the years I have been coming to Greece I have never in my life had calamari where they have left the 'bones' in. Obviously it hadn't been prepared properly. I did point this out to the waiter who just smiled and moved on! So, disappointed with our starters we hoped that the main course would prove to be better. If only I could say it was. My lamb kleftiko was served on the bone (think lamb shank) in a clay pot with potatoes. Looked fine, but I was a bit concerned that it was served with a steak knife. Now then, lamb kleftiko is cooked very slowly so that the meat just falls away, but I see now why they gave a steak knife.....if was that tough and it certainly didn't fall away from the bone. It was such a disappointment. I put it to one side and the waitress asked if everything was alright and I said my lamb was a bit tough and she said that's what the knife is for. She also said that four other people had eaten kleftiko and their's was fine. Well goody for them, but they weren't eating the piece I had! She wanted to bring me some lamb slices, but to be honest I had been put off the lamb now. Fortunately Maice's moussaka was nice. As soon as our plates had been cleared we were presented with the bill, which neither of us had asked for; we still had half a giraffe of wine to drink. We were totally unimpressed. The only good thing about our dining experience was the lovely cat that came and sat by our table. He was gorgeous and had the most beautiful face. When I returned from the loo I spoke to whom I thought was the Maitre'D about our experience and was told that 'these things happen'. No kidding, her very words, 'these things happen'! Well, things also happen on tripadvisor so when I get home I shall be recording our dining experience in its entirety.

It was only 9pm and too early to head back, so we went to our favourite DNA bar for a cocktail and then went home. The weather forecast for tomorrow says there will be scattered thunderstorms. As long as it's not like the day P&D left and we take off in between the showers we should be okay. Fingers crossed then…..

M&A xx

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