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Zante: Day 12 – 11.09.16…………….Oh what a beautiful morning 😎!

The sun is shining in the sky, there ain't a cloud in sight, it's stopped raining, and don't you know it's a beautiful new day. Hey, hey hey. Hey, I believe there's a song there somewhere!

I don't know what we'd both eaten yesterday but it certainly affected our insides. It got so bad in fact that Maice had to be relegated to the balcony every time she felt a fart-aki coming on! She's up first this morning and taken herself off to the 'reading room' with her 'kindle' for a good read.........and d'you know what, it works wonders!

At 7.45am this morning we received a blog-aki from Pearl and Dianne whom are currently at Glasgow train station. Had all gone to plan yesterday , Pearl would have been tucked up in bed with her man and Dianne I believe would have been either on a course with work, or at home, Don't think either of those will be happening just yet! Apparently they were stood in the longest and slowest ever queue for check-in with, at the time, a recorded delay of one hour. Once through the 'passport control of no return' and also with no 'Thomas Cook reps available on the other side' they witnessed Thor and Zeus slugging it out between them in the most violent way (remember Maice and I were out walking in amidst all this) and the one hour delay became two, three, four and on the fifth hour the Mr Thomas Cook plane finally landed. There had been no power either at the airport but according to 't'internet' the plane had been diverted to Athens where it stayed until the weather had cleared slightly. Hurrah, they all thought........I'm a holiday maker, get me out of here!

So, after five hours the flight took off with a relieved plane load of Scottish people except for the chappie who was sat in the same row as P&D and who apparently kept bursting into tears. Poor love, he was either terrified of the storm or he'd had a holiday romance and had to say goodbye. Whatever it was, P&D decided to ignore him for the duration of the flight. Eventually, the landing gear was activated sooner than expected and an announcement was made that as the crew had exceeded their flying hours for the day they had no option but to land at Stansted airport, some 500 miles south of Glasgow! As you can imagine, announcing that news to a plane load of Scottish passengers did not go down well, particularly with Pearl and Dianne sat next to the sobbing youth who had been acting strange throughout the whole flight. So, whilst waiting for new crew to arrive the passengers were told they had to disembark the aircraft with their hand luggage, go through customs and then back through departures at which point the bottle of wine Pearl had purchased at Zante airport was confiscated as it was more than the 100ml allowance! As you can imagine, she was not best pleased and I believe a letter of complaint will be winging its way to customer services tomorrow! We haven't heard any more from P&D since they arrived at Glasgow train station to get their train to Aberdeen but I would presume they are home now and safely tucked up in bed!

Back in resort, with blue skies and high temperatures beckoning us to the beach, we packed our stuff and headed down to the waters edge where we laid our towels on our sunbed's looking forward to a relaxing day. As we were sunbathing we noticed a large collection of black clouds gathering across the skies and hoped we were not in for more bad weather. I don't think we could do another walk in the rain to Alykes. We took ourselves off to the taverna however for an early lunch after which time the aforesaid clouds had disappeared and the sky was once again blue.

Back at the apartments we retired to the balcony and finished off Pearl's bottle of vodka, showered and then returned to the balcony for a couple of G&T's and a few hands of rummy. Maice still in the lead by almost 1,000 points; how she got that far ahead beats me, but at least I still retain the highest round with my 245 points!.

For supper, we decided to eat at a taverna that we had passed almost daily called Greek Peppers and which had received good tripadvisor reviews. Pearl hadn't been too keen as she didn't like the tables (!) but we decided to give it a go. Well, all we can say Pearl is that you missed out on some wonderful food and we have actually rated this as the best food we have eaten on this holiday. It was a slightly different menu and the dishes were presented 'master chef' style.......absolutely gorgeous.

We decided to walk our dinner and giraffe of wine off by walking back to Alykes for something we had seen in one of the shops and meant to purchase when we went there the other day in the rain, but forgot. We have been to this resort twice now and both times during a thunder storm so it was nice to walk normally and not have to dash into the shops for cover. Purchase purchased, we headed back, stopping off at the DNA bar for a frappe and a game or two of rummy. Maice still in the lead but I am catching only 500 points behind!

As we headed back to our apartment we realised that we’d missed looking in two tourist shops so in we went. We were both feeling a tad bloated by this time with me in particular feeling the need to let a few fart-aki's escape whilst we were wandering around the shop, obviously being very discreet about it. We had to leave one shop rather quickly however due to the odour left behind!!! Hey, it's a natural bodily function......we all do it!

It was midnight by the time we eventually got ourselves into our beds. By this time we were fart-akiing in tandem........if we haven't gassed ourselves during the night, we hope to wake up again to beautiful blue skies.

May the force be with you….

M&A xx

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