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Santorini: Day 9 – 10.04.14…………..Camera shy airplanes, again!

We woke to sunny skies and a nice breeze making it excellent conditions for another beach day. After another breakfast of yoghurt, bread and cheese we said goodbye to the three ladies from number thirty three and wondered who our new neighbours would be. We had a cheery good morning from the couple next door at no.35 so they must have gotten over their travel day grumps.

After breakfast we headed off to the Splash Bar where we were greeted with a friendly good morning from the waiter who soon delivered our frappes to our favourite sunbeds next to the sea. We spent the day going for swims, building up our arm muscles adjusting our sunbeds and again attempting to get the perfect airplane picture! It’s a good thing we’re having another beach day tomorrow so we can have another go for once again our attempts at getting the perfect plane flying overhead were rather futile. Looking for things to do we even made use of our disintegrated sandal-gate sandals, which are now being used as drinks holders.

With our no alcohol challenge successfully completed we enjoyed a nice cold Mythos beer at lunch and to keep the waiters on their toes we varied our lunch order to include tzatziki. After lunch, it was back on the sunbeds for a siesta, a spot of reading and some swimming.

By four o’clock we’d had enough of sunbathing and headed back to the room via a quick stop at the mini-market to get some snacks to go with our G&T’s. Maice let out an excited squeal as she spotted UNO for sale, the forgotten item we both assumed the other was bringing. All showered, and it was onto the balcony for a few hands of rummy and UNO. We figured the UNO cards must be the Greek version as there are cards we’ve not seen before so after a few hands we changed over to the more familiar rummy. After two G&T’s and eight rounds, Maice was slightly in the lead.

Tonight we’re going for pizza so after dolling ourselves up we headed off to the Greek pizzeria and then made our way to the Love Boat for a night of cocktails, shots and karaoke. After settling into our seats with a good view of both the beach to watch the moon and the promenade to people watch, Angela enjoying a Gin Fizz and Maice a Tom Collins, we had to make a quick exit from the bar as all of a sudden there was a horrible smell of dog poo emanating from a dog who thought he’d poo on the beach next to us!

We moved a few doors down to Lavanti and upgraded to Champagne Cocktails and popcorn. Being so chilled we found ourselves yawning away before we’d even finished our cocktail but just managed a few shots of Sambucca before heading back home……ah, such is the life!

Night all

M&A xx

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