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Santorini: Day 3 – 04.09.14………..Sun, sea, sand and sunbathing, and lots of it!

The balmy evening was such that we sweated out an uncomfortable night until the dawn chorus, in the form of a big metal bird flew over the hotel and released us from our slumbers. The plan today was to get up early and walk up the hill to the ruins of Ancient Thira then over into the next village of Perissa. But of course, the best laid plans! After serious deliberation for at least ten seconds we decided we needed another beach day, justified by the hot night with no air conditoning, Angela’s puffy eyes and both of us not waking until eight.

On the way to breakfast we ran into our Scottish neighbours. We think that mother and two daughters are having an on-going family row which must have got out of hand during the night as they apologised for keeping us up. To be honest we didn’t hear a thing……these walls must be ever so thick!

Another breakfast of Greek yoghurt and bread and cheese giving us a burst of much needed energy we headed on down to the beach in search of the perfect sunbed and our morning frappe. We found what we thought was the perfect location so set up home for the day but time went on and there was no sign of any waiter so we upped sticks and moved on. We were fortunate with our second attempt at selecting the perfect spot as we came across a lovely Greek girl who could see we were in need of caffeine and showed us to the perfect sunbeds about five feet from the sea.

Energy levels dropping dangerously low from all the swimming and sunbathing, lunch in the form of a Greek Salad and a cold beer was required. As refreshing as it was it wasn’t our favourite although it did give us more energy for another couple of hours of swimming and sunbathing.

Back at the hotel, we were thankful to find that the air conditioning had been fixed and was in full working order. Feeling rebellious we decided to shower first then partake in our pre-dinner drinks over our next rummy session, finishing off with Angela back in the lead. After titivating and deliberating on what to wear we headed out for our next meal and ended up in Almira Restaurant where we enjoyed a lovely Greek salad, swordfish and a carafe of wine and as Angela knew the waiter from her days of working in Santorini we were given a very handsome discount. After dinner it was time for a spot of promenading along the promenade and some window shopping. The big spenders that we are we treated ourselves to a pack of blue hair-grips……well, you never know when they’ll come in useful!

Back in our room we fell, exhausted into our beds thinking of the walk up and over the mountain that we’re going to do tomorrow morning. If we get up in time, that is!

See you tomorrow

M&A xx

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