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Santorini: Day 2 – 03.09.14……….And relax!

The phrase ‘up with the lark’ didn’t quite trancend to room 34 of the Avra Hotel as we both slept through the storm and didn’t awake from our slumbers until 9am putting paid to the early morning fitness regime we’d so eagerly outlined the previous day.

The day itself dawned brightly albeit there seemed to be a large gathering of clouds right above the hotel. ‘Most unusual for this time of year’ Angela exclaimed to Maice from which came a grunted response. Sometime later we made it down to breakfast which was a pleasant affair and we dined on yoghurt, fruits, bread and cheese. Having provided the fuel for our ‘jet-lagged- bodies we made it to the ‘welcome meeting’ on time and sat through a high speed monologue given by Katie, our Holiday Rep. Luckily we were already well versed with the island, Angela having worked in Santorini for four years, so trying to decipher the diatribe was not an issue. The same however, could not be said for the other poor unfortunate guests who seemed to struggle in finding out where they were, let alone decide where they wanted to go!

It had been agreed over dinner the night before that Day 2 was going to be a chill out, recharge the batteries, beach day so off we went in search of a comfy sunbed. We’d spotted a nice area below the mountain of Ancient Thira which was at the other end of the promenade so off we went, beach bags full to the brim. Half a minute down the road we came across the Splash Bar with its chic décor and what appeared to be some very inviting sunbeds and all thoughts of walking to the end of the promenade seemed to be forgotten as we laid out our towels and ordered ourselves a frappe.

Ah, this was the life; sun, sea, sand (albeit it was black volcanic sand), clouds, the odd swim and the odd plane that flew over the sunbeds, were the key ingredients to enjoying the first ‘real day’. And what a hectic day it was too. Feeling rather energetic we girls made the long fifteen feet walk from our sunbeds to the sea on a regular basis and even dared to venture a few feet further to the bar to indulge in a Greek salad and a couple of bottles of Mythos beer, for lunch of course.

Having totally exhausted ourselves on the beach the need to do a few laps of the pool to ‘energise’ ourselves was required before mixing the G&T’s and partaking in the next round of rummy on the balcony. In amongst Maices winning streak we chatted to the neighbours on both sides of our room and after Maice had taken the lead in the days rummy tournament it was time to get ready for our evening soujourn.

The taverna at the bottom of the road was too tempting not to pop into to sample the local specialities and after sampling an abundance of various cheese dishes we left to go promenading along the promenade. Alas, it was not to be as once again Angela succumbed to the dreaded eye-lurgy with a vengeance and was forced to return home. If that wasn’t enough there seemed to be an issue with the air-conditioning unit which refused to switch on. It was definitely going to be a very hot and unpleasant nights sleep….!

Night all….

A&M xx

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