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Santorini: Day 14 – 15.09.14 ……..All good things must come to an end!

It was our last morning. Our transfer coach wasn’t picking us up until 11.00am so we ditched our robotic style breakfast at the hotel and treated ourselves to breakfast at the Splash Bar. It was lovely. After a leisurely breakfast overlooking the beach, our sunbeds and the sea we took some last minute photos and headed back to the hotel to await our pick-up.

We can report that the flight and drive home were uneventful but chatting on the way back we made plans to get together at the Vivo Lounge on our return to Dorchester to complete and tidy up this, our very first blog. We’ve never blogged before but felt the need to document our holiday experiences that very first day when our attempts at trying to leave Dorset resulted in three trips to Bournemouth and a very high-speed drive along the M3 so as not to miss our flight! We’re both fortunate to have the same sense of humour and find the funny side when things go awry and not quite to plan. In other words, we just go with the flow!

December 2014

We got together and spent an enjoyable seven hours in the Vivo Lounge, sat in comfortable chairs, shared a bottle of wine or two and read our blog. Oh how we laughed as we reminisced about our lovely holiday in Santorini. It was brilliant. We never did finish it off that day...... I think the two bottles of wine got the better of us, and you can tell our style of writing has changed over the years since our first blog.

We do consider this to be our best blog as it‘s where it all began. We’ve come along way since then, travelled the world, written over fourteen blogs and kept our friends and family entertained with our ’go with the flow’ antics.

We look forward to enjoying many more holidays, writing more blogs, capturing everything on camera and hope you enjoy our holidays as much as we do.........!

This is M&A signing off until next time xxx

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