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Santorini: Day 13 – 14.09.14…………Our last day, surely not!

You’re probably wondering what happened to Santorini: Day 12 – 13.09.14! It was Angela’s day to blog today but seems she was suffering from her double G&T’s the previous night as no evidence of any blogging could be found so we will now take you to.....Day 13!

Today was our last beach day. After a late night out we were woken this morning by the rooster crowing and the sun streaming in to our room at 08.44am. We set about doing some blogging, Angela trying to get to grips with her iPad which seemed to be acting a bit weird by duplicating everything. It was most strange.

We were both feeling sad that this was our last full day on the beach and couldn’t believe we’d been in Santorini for almost two weeks. Where has the time gone? The day turned out to be a repeat of the many beach days we’ve spent here…..drinking frappes, reading, swimming, sunbathing, dozing and time spent trying to get the perfect picture of a plane flying overhead.

For our last evening we shared a pizza and headed back to the outdoor cinema expecting to see the film Chef, unfortunately we’d got our dates and timings mixed up as Chef had ended the day before. We ended up seeing a science fiction movie that neither of us enjoyed.

Back home we packed our suitcases ready for the next day and with heavy hearts we went to our beds, not looking forward to leaving this beautiful island and heading off home.

And with heavy hearts we bid you good night …….

M&A xx

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