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Santorini: Day 10 –11.04.14 ……….Robotics!

It was 8.30am and the girls were nowhere to be seen. They weren’t at breakfast, they weren’t on the beach……could they have slept in? Ah yes, let us remember that the girls had ‘been out on the town’ the night before. Seems that two cocktails and three shots was obviously too much to handle particularly after an alcohol free day the day before so a much needed lie-in was required.

When we finally emerged at 8.42am we checked our schedule at least three times that morning. Surely it wasn’t another beach day. Had we not scheduled in another activity day? Seems not, so it was another day on the beach………plane spotting!

Down at breakfast we carried out the same robotic routine we’d done since day one. Maice got the glasses and poured out the juice. Angela fetched the bowls and dished out the yoghurt. They sat, they ate, they returned to the breakfast buffet. Maice selected her bread, cheese and cucumber whilst Angela selected bread, cheese and ham. They sat, they ate, they left, they returned to their room, they smothered themselves in suncream, they packed their bags, they went to the beach, they sat on their sunbeds, they had frappe, they read, they swam, they sat in the sun, they sat in the shade, they went for lunch, they ordered the usual Greek salad and Mythos beers, they blogged, they took photos of the planes, or tried to. After three days of trying, their photos still resemble abstract designs that wouldn’t look out of place in the Tate Modern!

They played rummy, they drank G&T’s, they got ready, they went for supper, they came back, they went to bed. Gosh, what a hectic day they’ve had!

Καλή νύχτα

Μ&Α xx

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