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Devon: Day 4 – 26.12.17……….And a very happy rainy Boxing Day to you all!

It's raining again......honestly its all it seems to do in this county of Devon! After breakfast we regrouped on our respective beds to plan what to do today and decided to stay with our original plan of going to Torcross for a walk and a coffee. Our plans changed when we got there however. We paid £1.70 for two hours parking and there was nothing open, well to be honest, there was nothing there so we got our bedraggled bodies back in the car and set off for.....eeney, meeney, miney mo, Kingsbridge it was then!

This looked better, there was civilisation and the rain seemed to be easing off. It was 11.30am and the local pub was packed to the rafters both inside and out but we were searching for a cafe. We ended up in the usual long queue in Costa Coffee and after fifteen minutes we had our cappuccinos. They weren't the best but it was helping fight off the cold and windy weather.

Back in the car and off we went to the little seaside town of Salcombe. It's a quaint little place with very narrow lanes and one car park which was packed. We drove round a few times, up and down the steep and narrow lanes and back into the one and only car park where this time we were fortunate to find a space. As soon as we got out of the car the heavens opened up again and with it came a deluge of rain that didn't stop until we got home!

There were a number of shops open in Salcombe and like everyone who had the same idea, we walked into each and everyone of them and I purchased a jumper......well, a gal can't have enough jumpers! We had coffee and a cake in Crew Clothing and sat looking out over the rain soaked harbour and estuary. Such a shame it was so wet.

We had SatNav Steve with us, plugged him in and let him guide us home. He seemed intent on taking us down the narrowest and most waterlogged of country lanes and we were beginning to challenge his navigational skills when after about thirty minutes of narrow lanes we found ourselves back on the main road, was certainly a bit hair-raising!

Back in our lovely log cabin we cracked open the Prosecco and the Port and prepared our supper whilst listening to Shirley Ballas on the radio. Hope no one could see in .....if they could they'd have seen Maice and I having a good old boogie on the kitchen floor. What a laugh we had.

Supper was a fine affair of a selection of cheeses which were lovely, after which we decided to make some popcorn and watch Absolutely Champers again! We promptly dozed off after forty minutes so called it a night and went off to bed. It was still raining!

M.A.M xxx

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