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Devon: Day 3 – Christmas Day 2017………….Guess what? Santa’s been!

It's Christmas Day morning, it's raining and blowing a right hooley outside. In fact it's been like that all night but never mind its lovely and cosy indoors.

We wished each other 'Merry Christmas' from our respective cosy beds and took stock. It was 7.23am.....what to do next? We leapt into action, pulled on some clothes, got in the car and drove off to Blackpool Sands. Maice was going for a swim and I was going to spectate! We weren't the only people mad enough to be out on this miserable Christmas morn, there were a few dog walkers too. It was actually rather nice walking along the edge of the sea, the waves were huge and came crashing up the beach forcing us to run quickly for fear of getting soaked. We decided the sea was too rough for even a paddle let alone for Maice to strip off and go for a 'dip' in the sea year, we promised ourselves! And as we were strolling along the waters edge on this very blustery damp and grey day a little miracle happened, the clouds parted and the sun came out and shone down upon us. This was most unexpected but made such a difference. Blackpool Sands completely lit up with the sun shining over the water was beautiful.

We decided to head back after Maice inadvertently stepped into a rather large dollop of doggy doodoo.....yuk! She wasn't getting into my car until she completely wiped it away so we found a grass verge where she carried out the foot ritual of grass rubbing! Heading back, the sky turned black, the rain clouds rolled in and that was the weather for the rest of the day!

Back inside our cosy cabin once more routine took over. With Radio 2 playing in the background Maice sorted the fire and I prepared our Christmas Day breakfast of scrambled eggs, salmon and a large glass of champagne....lovely. After breakfast we adjourned to the fireside chairs and opened our presents. We adorned our first gifts of hand knitted headwear and fingerless gloves from Jane and continued 'pulling' our gifts. Our criteria for buying each other a present was to make a Christmas cracker and put a present inside. Maice had made me an enormous cracker with a jar of chilli oil inside and I hadn't made mine as I hadn't been well enough to go out and purchase the 'ingredients' so I'd stuffed a scratch card and lottery ticket inside mine. Needless to say, Maice didn't win anything, although she did get a supersize deck of cards and a set of coasters which I couldn't quite squeeze into my cracker!

Still wearing our fetching new knitwear we played a few hands of rummy with Maice's new cards, and then listened to the Queen's speech. It was now 3.05pm......what to do next? Feeling slightly peckish we prepared our Christmas lunch; Salmon en Croute with asparagus, braised red cabbage and chatenay carrots. Before we sat down to eat we opened our final present from Sandra which were two homemade Christmas tree napkins. They were gorgeous and a perfect addition to our table. It was 5.05pm, lunch was over.....what to do next? The rain was pelting down outside, the wind still howling around the cabin and cabin fever was beginning to set in! We needed a remedy! We donned our boots, hats, coats and mitts and torch and decided to walk down the path to the road. We were drenched just walking from the porch to the gate and when we had completed the five minute walk to the road and back we looked like drowned rats! Never mind, we got a bit of fresh air which was what we needed.

It was time to make our way to the ‘cinema’ courtesy of my 'king' bed. Tonight's showing was 'Miranda' (a repeat of her two proposals) and then 'Call the Midwife'. Great stuff. Miranda, as usual was hilarious but unfortunately Maice hadn't downloaded the second part of the programme so we are now left wondering who or if she finally got married! Next up was Call the Midwife. This was the live BBC version using my new extended data. About fifty minutes in my phone beeped telling me I had now used all my data and would be charged £13 could that be we wondered? Five minutes later the charge had gone up to £19.50 so we cut short the programme and missed the last twenty minutes. Maice tried to connect us via her phone and she too received a text saying she had now used up her data. Are we doing something wrong? I know we're both a bit clueless when it comes to IT stuff, but where are we going wrong?

We reverted back to our trusty Radio and listened to George Michael before taking ourselves off to bed with a Beechams Powder......we want to prevent the onset of anymore colds and flu.

And so to bed, Christmas Day has been lovely, we are however looking forward to a nice long walk permitting of course!

Night all…

M.A.M xxx

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