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Devon: Day 2 – 24.12.17…………Puddings and Vodaphone!

We woke at 6.30am having both slept really well in our warm and cosy beds and immediately became industrious......Maice tending the fire to get the cabin warm and cosy again and me in the kitchen to start breakfast. It took a number of attempts to get there as my brain, obviously still suffering the effects from my flu, was directing my legs in the complete opposite direction and being unsteady on my feet I had to use the wall for guidance. I eventually made it but thought best about using any sharp knives until the dizziness had passed!

After our spurt of early morning activity we regrouped in our respective beds and planned the day ahead. Tomorrow, Christmas Day, we'd head off to Blackpool Sands but as today was a bit drizzly we thought we'd take a trip to Dartmouth and have a wander round the town and pop in for a coffee. We both needed to visit the Vodafone shop as both of us had exceeded our monthly data and we wanted to buy some temporary data to see us through. Maice consulted SatNav Steve to see how long the journey would take..........twelve minutes! Plenty of time for us to have a leisurely breakfast then.

Fed, watered and showered we made our way the short distance to Dartmouth, found a nice coffee shop and enjoyed our first cappuccino of the day. We went in search of a Vodafone shop but was advised there wasn't one.....oh well, we'd have to deal with our situation over the phone, and then strolled around the shops, Maice, who'd stayed here before was pointing out places she'd been and stayed. Maice bought herself a pair of boots to add to the growing brood she already had at home......obviously a gal can't get enough boots!

As we were wandering round we came across a lovely cafe that was obviously 'the place to be seen' so we thought we'd pop in there later for a spot of lunch. When later came, 1.45pm to be precise, we found it was closed, so we went to another cafe we'd seen and that was closed too. We ended up walking a full circle of the town, actually I think we went round twice before we found a cafe that was open!

Back at Jacksons Cabin Maice rang Vodafone to enquire about our extra data and spoke to Ramesh. He works out in Alexandria, Egypt where, did you know, Vodafone have their biggest callcentre! Ramesh is going to propose to his girlfriend on New Years Eve and in true tradition he's going to go down on one knee and hopes she says yes! Ramesh went to Lancaster University, he's a musician, been to Canada on holidays, loved Niagara Falls and Vancouver and would rather live in Canada than America. In the thirty minutes Maice was on the phone to Ramesh he managed to up the data for the two of us and tell us his life history! A very pleasant, chatty guy, we said we'd raise a toast to him and his fiancé on New Years Eve! In fact, five minutes into the conversation with him we felt the need to crack open a bottle of Prosecco!

After our epic phone call we decided to make rice pudding. Now that we had our new data we googled the recipe. It would take five minutes to prepare and two hours to cook. We didn't have any measuring utensils so we were a bit in the dark as to how much pudding rice to use so we put what we thought was 5oz into the 1.13 litres of milk and then added another cup.....just to be on the safe side. Two hours later we took our creation out of the oven and dug in. It reminded us somewhat of Neil's porridge......solid and thick and very stodgy!

Supper was a fine affair consisting of a cheese board with accompanying chutneys........very tasty. Oscar and his wife delivered more wood and we started our Rummy tournament. After five rounds I am in the lead by just twenty five points!

Cracking open our second bottle of Prosecco we went to the 'cinema' courtesy of the king size bed and watched two Christmas episodes of Mrs Browns Boys. By this time it was ten o'clock and we were both feeling the effects of the warmth, the cosyness and the wine!

Good night all......Santa's coming tonight, hope he knows where we are, so we need to be tucked up in our beds and fast asleep!

M.A.M xxx

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