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Corfu: Day 9 – 01.09.18………….Pinch Punch and all that first day of the month stuff!

We are now at war with the wasps. We came down to breakfast and OMG we were surrounded. They were all around our table to the point I had to eat my yoghurt walking round the pool to try and get rid of one particular blighter who just wouldn’t leave me alone. They may help the ecosystem but right now they are messing with our sanity!

The small cat with the big meow, or should I say the constant, never shuts up, just after attention meow (he’s a male kitty by the way...........just saying) came over to our table looking for attention. He’s such a lovely little thing, and all he wants is a little bit of love and attention, and of course food. Millymou (my very pampered cat) take don’t know how lucky you are!

After our rather quick breakfast we decided to spend the day on the beach so lathered ourselves up with our suntan lotions. Pearl and Dianne had left some behind, one being ‘Malibu’ sun oil. ‘I’ll give it a go’ I said, ‘it may give me a lovely golden brown tan’. We made ourselves some cheese and lemon hummus rolls, bought two big donuts for lunch, and set off to Malibu beach (yes, in Corfu). It’s lovely down here, two sun-beds and an umbrella cost just €6 and you get a free frappe....what a bargain! We swam, we sunbathed, we swam, we sunbathed and just as we were going to have our picnic lunch the two ladies on the sun-beds next to us (they’re staying at the same place as us and sat next to us at the pool yesterday, one’s of Greek parentage and speaks fluent Greek, but that’s besides the point, they’re both Welsh, not that that’s a problem) offered us some red wine. No kidding. They’d brought a whole big bottle with them. Of course we declined their kind offer, honestly, we wine in the daytime, in the searing heat, is not for either of us. After our homemade al-fresco lunch we swam some more, sunbathed some more and felt in need of a regroup. We huddled around our sun-beds and decided some activity was required so we packed up and went to the the pool to ‘swim some lengths’. Maice managed fifty and I managed twenty one....let’s remember I am older.

Returning to the room and stripping off to shower........well, I couldn’t believe it. I’d gone from a lovely all over, no marks tan to a bright red body, with patches!!!!! I couldn’t believe it. OMG what a sunbathing faux pas of the highest order. Of course I blame Pearl and Dianne for leaving the Malibu Oil behind. How am I to rectify this in the remaining two days. Of course Maice offered no support, just kept saying I was very red, even though through my sunglasses I looked a perfectly tanned golden brown. Hopefully a good nights sleep will help to fade the red glow!

Feeling peckish we enjoyed a wee snacklet and a drop of wine in our room before getting ready for cocktails at the pool bar. We treated ourselves to two pina-coladas whilst playing a couple of hands of rummy at the deserted pool bar. Where was everybody? Irini and Kosta admired our bigger than normal deck of cards as did a couple who came to the bar and said they could see the cards quite clearly from their balcony. With me still in the lead we made our way to the local taverna for Greek night, making sure we wore comfortable clothing to dance in. Well, we were surprised to find there was no dancing, just three musicians who played and sang all evening. Whether the locals arriving as we were leaving at 10.30pm would be doing impromptu dancing, as they usually do, we’ll never know. We enjoyed our evening despite not dancing and the food was lovely, prawn Saganaki for Maice and lamb giouvetsi for me. Lovely.

Well, it’s been another lovely day in the sun. We literally did nothing which very soon became something. Another day in the sun to look forward to tomorrow..........there’ll be no oil for me today, except on my salad!

A&M xx

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