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Corfu: Day 2 – 25.08.18……….The Black and Orange brigade!

Wasps. Don’t you just hate them? Maice and I came down to breakfast, the sun was shining, it

was a lovely warm morning, we sat down at the pool bar where breakfast was being served and literally we were surrounded. By Wasps. Hundreds of them. Okay, not quite hundreds, but enough to be a nuisance. They were everywhere. Trying to get into our yoghurt, our fruit juice, our meats and cheeses. They really were hell bent on annoying us. We can honestly say that having breakfasted with the little blighters, wasps are up there, definitely top of the list, with flies. What exactly is the point of them, other than to annoy the hell out of everyone and give us a nasty sting every now and then. Poor Pearl was the recipient of such a sting yesterday afternoon, just under her boob...apparently!! As the story was regaled to us, she, Pearl that is said ‘och, you know how it is, I was stung by this bee which dug its ‘fangs’ into mah skin just beneath mah boob and ahhad to remove it....the fangs that is, not the bee. D’you want to have a wee look?’ We were party to this story a few times during the day, and like a fisherman’s tale, it became slightly more exaggerated until we had to tell her to stick to the facts and that it probably a) wasn’t a bee that stung her (there being no body on the floor. Don’t bees die once they sting someone?) b) it was probably a wasp of some description that stung her c) that a bee or wasp don’t use their fangs to inflict pain or leave them behind in ones person and d) the ‘thing’ she plucked from her skin would have been the sting, not the fangs, hence the term, stung by a bee (or wasp). Anyway, as mentioned above, we were all invited to a viewing of said sting........Maice even took a photo which I hasten to add will not be shared with you all!

So, what have we done today to make us feel good (there’s a song there somewhere). Well, let’s see. We packed our beach bags, headed for the sun beds around the pool (which was devoid of any reserved towels), selected four suitably positioned beds in full sun, slapped on the suncream, lay down and relaxed. It was bliss. We chatted, catching up on our lives to date (last time we were all together was in Budapest at New Year), swam numerous lengths of the pool (we’re all trying to retain our fitness levels!) and then walked fifty steps to the pool bar for lunch. Greek salad and Mythos beer was the order of the day and fortunately the wasps had all but disappeared by then. Back on our sunbeds Maice and I had our first Frappe (cold Greek coffee) of the holiday, and jolly nice it was too.

So, what else have we done today to make us feel good? Well, we decorated our balcony, as we always do when we go away with our bunting and mandalas (courtesy of Sandra), put our Greek tablecloth out (purchased many moons ago in Crete) and voila, we now have a ‘cheery’ balcony.

It’s so nice doing nothing, however according to Winnie the Pooh, doing nothing always leads to something which is quite true, because after doing nothing we decided to do something and after a day round the pool we headed off back to our rooms where we showered then made our way to the balcony with a glass of wine, a bag of crisps and a pack of cards. Yes, Maice and I decided to do something and that was to start our rummy tournament. Those of you who know our holiday habits know that we always start our tournament at the airport but of course yesterday we’d consumed a few glasses of wine and didn’t seem to have the energy to begin in earnest. So we put off doing that something yesterday and decided to do that something today! If you’re not following our logic you need to go to the cinema as soon as possible to see Christopher Robin and all will become clear.

We regrouped at Pearl and Dianne’s room before setting off in search for somewhere to have supper. We wandered down to the beach, a ten minute walk down the hill and walked through the resort (the main road) until we came to Seagulls taverna. Having rave reviews on TripAdvisor we went in and were seated at a table overlooking the sea. Ah, it was all very romantic!!!!!

Ordering our usual ‘giraffe’ of wine we sat and watched the sunset, the moon rising and the lightning in the distance. We’ve been fortunate with the weather as we’ve missed the storms and the rain, watching it only on the horizon.

I must say the food out here is very reasonably priced. Our supper, which consisted of a giraffe of wine, two bottles of soda water, bread, dip starters, sea bream, sea bass, lamb kleftiko and a vegetarian meze came to just €56.....for four of us. What a bargain!

We were back home by 10.15pm feeling quite weary from our travelling day yesterday and our day round the pool today.

Tomorrow we’re going to do nothing again, but I’m sure we’ll end up doing something!

Night all….

M,A,P&D xx

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