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Corfu: Day 3 – 26.08.18……….. The return of the Hokey Cokey!

We breakfasted with the wasps this morning. Well, we thought if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, so we laid out a plate of meat for them which they devoured as if it was their last meal. We were quite surprised actually to find out that wasps are carnivorous and we watched in sheer fascination, riveted we were, as these three wasps rolled the meat into balls and flew off with it.....probably off to present it to their queen. We presume wasps, like bees have a queen. Just hope she likes pork luncheon meat!

We were joined shortly after by Pearl and Dianne who decided to breakfast with us. Maice and I had actually booked Bed and Breakfast and Pearl and Dianne had booked Room Only so if they want breakfast they have to pay for it. To be honest we didn’t expect to see them this early as we weren’t regrouping until 10am. They’d decided to have breakfast on their balcony having purchased a selection of breakfast provisions at the local mini-market yesterday evening, such as yoghurts and banana but then realised that being ‘room only’ meant just that and there were no dishes or cutlery with which to enjoy their breakfast! So they aborted their attempt to breakfast on their balcony and joined us, wasps and all at the pool bar.

It was quite cloudy this morning, a few black clouds were on the horizon and we could smell rain in the air so decided against the beach and thought we’d spend another day doing nothing around the pool. We selected our sunbeds, slathered ourselves with suntan cream, lay down and felt spots of rain. To be fair it wasn’t heavy rain but enough for us to pack up and take cover in the bar where we ordered four frappes. No sooner had the barman brought them to our table the sun was out again so we traipsed back to our sunbeds for a second attempt. It was extremely hot and muggy and although blue sky had appeared, huge black clouds started to congregate overhead and the thunder, which had been rumbling away in the distance was getting louder. Spots of rain appeared again only this time we decided to weather the storm and stayed put on our beds. We put our parasols up, squeezed our beds together underneath them and got soaked. Our sun-bed antics seemed to be a cause of amusement to the onlookers sat under the canopy of the pool bar and after a while of getting soaked to the skin we admitted defeat and made our way back to the bar.....again. Honestly, it was like doing the pool Hokey Cokey! Trying to dry off and sort out our wet bags we were soon treated to a quite spectacular performance by the local birds. Now having the pool all to themselves, they came swooping down over the pool, carrying out daredevil stunts and acrobatics, drinking as they went and performing a number of ‘fly by’s’. Who needs the Red Arrows when you can be treated to a Top Gun display like this! Once again, our ‘busy doing nothing’ morning really turned into something special!

The sun came out ten minutes later and we headed back to our sun-beds, for the third, and we said, the final time. Fortunately it remained fine for the rest of the day which is quite fortunate really because a colleague who Pearl worked with overseas back in her repping days was still working in the travel industry and today was her day off so we invited her to join us for the day. Apparently, down in the south of the island they’d were suffering with torrential rain and thunderstorms and it was travelling north. By the time Anne had arrived the weather was back to normal, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and we went back to doing nothing again.

By about 1.30pm we were all feeling a bit peckish so made our way to the pool bar where Theo, the barman rustled up a Greek salad, baked feta (which was absolutely yummy), roasted rosemary potatoes (just as yummy), pizza, wine and beer. Even though Maice, Dianne and I had never met Anne before we all got on really well and we did have a laugh particularly when Maice was trying to take a photo of us all together on her camera using the timer. It wasn’t to be and in the end Theo came to the rescue and helped us out. We returned to our sun-beds for a little siesta, honestly this afternoon drinking makes you sleepy and by 5pm it was time to call it a day.

Anne left soon after and Maice and I continued our rummy tournament back on our balcony. It’s an interesting tournament this time around, no clear winner in sight and at the moment it’s anyone’s game. Quite thrilling really.

Tonight we’re doing Greek night at some taverna down the road. Pearl and Dianne dined there the first night and really enjoyed it so we got ourselves ready and off we went. It was fairly quiet when we arrived but soon filled up as the evening progressed. To be honest it wasn’t our favourite restaurant, Maice and I shared a seafood platter where all the fish was deep fried.....even the mussels. Pearl had pepper fillet steak which she said was too hot and peppery for her palate and Dianne had vegetarian moussaka which she enjoyed. I suppose three out of four ain’t bad!!! We got up once to do the obligatory dancing, all very routine, asked for the bill and left.

Tomorrow we’re hosting another of Pearl’s ex colleagues who’s coming to visit. At least we’ll be doing something rather than the nothing we’ve been doing the past few days......!

Nighty night….

A,M,D&P xx

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