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Corfu: Day 8 – 31.08.18………..When four became two!

After yesterday’s busy day going somewhere and not doing nothing for a change, we felt the need to partake in some serious lolly gagging, and didn’t we enjoy ourselves doing it. It was a great ‘last day’ for Pearl and Dianne who fly back home to Aberdeen this evening, whilst we’ve still got another three days to enjoy!

We received a ‘WhatsApp’ message from them at eight this morning saying they’d each just completed fifty lengths of the pool and were now having breakfast. We had some serious catching up to do if that was the case so it’s just as well we were staying by the pool today, but then we thought, nah, the pool doesn’t open until eight, so we saw right through their little white lie! Honestly, completing these lengths has become so competitive!

Maice and I made it down to breakfast to do battle with the wasps, again. We thought we’d seen the last of them yesterday as there were so few of them but they were back in force this morning so we played wasp ping-pong yet again, trying to re-direct them to another table. How neither of us have been stung yet we’ll never know but we’ve got another three breakfasts to go so anything can happen.

I received an email from a ‘reader’ earlier asking what had happened to SatNav Steve yesterday and had he been with us would he not have found the monastery? Now whilst this is a very good point, we gave SatNav Steve time off for good behaviour so left him in the glove compartment at Bristol airport. He’s probably hating every minute of being cooped up in there whilst we’re soaking up the sun here in Greece, but can’t be helped. Our ‘reader’ also suggested using google maps to find said monastery, and whilst this is also a very good idea, it’s actually one we never thought of. To be fair only Pearl and Dianne take their phones out with them, but as you know, it was a very hot day, we weren’t thinking straight and we were running out of water. Google mapping didn’t even enter into our heads. Later on, over lunch we googled the reviews for said monastery, just to see if it actually did exist and it said ‘you should leave the car below (see, we did as we were told by Car Man)’ and then went on to say ‘Recommended for the bit more adventurous tourist!’. I would say we are usually that type of tourist but not having read the review until now and it being just 2.5 kilometres away we didn’t think we would be so challenged. Ah well, you live and learn.......!

We lolly gagged until it was time for lunch which we enjoyed poolside. Such is the life here, enjoying some excellent Greek food, sitting under the Greek sun by the poolside with your friends, what’s not to love. After lunch we were back in the pool doing our lengths. I’m still lagging behind with 42 but Maice managed 100, Pearl wasn’t too far behind Maice and Dianne was ahead of me. Must make a note to self to sunbathe less and swim to think of the flat stomach! Ha, ha....if only!

Pearl and Dianne were using our room to shower and change, so we left them to it and about an hour later we walked them to the end of the road to wave them goodbye. The coach eventually turned up, we said our farewells, hugged each other, and our partners in crime boarded the coach and off they went. Next time we meet up will probably be Pearl’s 50th birthday next November. She’s celebrating abroad somewhere, she doesn’t know where yet but we look forward to celebrating it with her....somewhere!

And then there were two! We realised this lolly gagging had made us quite exhausted so instead of going out for supper we decided to buy some provisions from the mini-market and eat al-fresco on our balcony.....just me, Maice and the midgies. It was strange walking out without the other two, we felt as if we’d lost a limb. But once we’d shopped for our provisions and got back we’d forgotten all about them.......only kidding. We raised a glass of wine to our absent friends who were probably by now waiting to board the plane. Out on the balcony, the midgies were having a field day with us, we seemed to be receiving a number of nips on our legs and arms so finished our supper and retired indoors. It had after all, been a very tiring day.

What to do tomorrow we wondered. I think we’ve a busy day ahead...breakfast, beach, Greek night. Another exhausting day to look forward to.....

M&A xx

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