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Corfu: Day 6 – 29.08.18………… Another day busy doing nothing!

We thought that after our day full of birthday something’s we’d be ‘wabbit’, but we all woke this morning feeling ‘feir trickit’! You can see how easily it is for our conversations to get lost in translation when we’re trying to understand what we’re all talking about but I’ll leave it up to you to find out what we’re actually on about.

Now then, where have all these wasps gone? We came down to breakfast expecting to run the gauntlet as usual and to our surprise we didn’t really have to. There was however one annoying wasp that kept buzzing around us, so we played wasp ping-pong with it. Every time Maice batted it away she was batting it to me and vice-versa. It obviously seemed to enjoy this unusual ritual as we couldn’t get rid of the blighter. We wondered if it was the calm before the storm! We’d find out tomorrow! As part of this mornings breakfast we were given honeydew melon.....things are certainly looking up in the breakfast department but still no change to the boiled eggs. I managed to sneak some ham to the pregnant cat and the cheeky thing took a swipe at my finger.....that’s gratitude for you!

We regrouped at the pool bar at ten and headed off to the beach, turning right this time, instead of left, thinking we’d spread the love and our custom at another beach bar. We made it down to the beach and took stock of the situation. There was only a small strip of beach as the tide seemed to be in and all the sun-beds were tightly crammed together with isn’t really our cup of tea. We dithered a bit, selected our beds, rearranged them and Maice and I went straight in for a dip whilst Pearl and Dianne were still unpacking their things. Oh dear, what’s happened to the sandy bottom we’d enjoyed so much at yesterday’s beach? It was all stones and rocks making it really difficult to get in and out of the sea. There would be no graceful walking in and out here. Maice and I struggled as it was and we only went up to our ankles! There was nothing for it, we made an executive decision, packed our bags, upped-sticks and made our way back to yesterday’s beach. We all agreed the Feng-Shui just wasn’t working for us but once we were back at beach number one we knew instantly our Feng-Shui had aligned itself and all was well in our little world of doing nothing.

We had a lovely morning doing nothing although before we left for the beach we did do something. Unlike the last couple of days where we’ve been nowhere, we thought we’d better go somewhere so we’ve booked a car for tomorrow. Maice and I said we’d drive and the others can navigate. No doubt we’ll get lost but I’m sure we’ll end up somewhere we’ve not been or seen before.

All too soon it was time for lunch so we made it up the 39 steep steps to the taverna and sat in the window overlooking the sea in what I can only describe as a wind tunnel. We ordered three large beers, spinach and feta pie, baked feta, baked peppers and a rocket and Parmesan salad.

Sounds lovely doesn’t it, the only difficulty we had was trying to eat it in the wind. Honestly, more food ended up on the floor, particularly the rocket leaves which were so light they were literally propelled by the wind to the next table and if you had some on your fork you’d be lucky if you ended up with anything in your mouth. It was an experience to say the least. We’re not usually messy people but we did leave the table and the surrounding floor looking like we’d had some sort of food fight!

We’ve noticed the wind seems to pick up at about one o’clock each day and as lovely as it is, it does give you a good battering. Feeling like I’d gone a few rounds with Mike Tyson I was first to leave the beach with the intention of going back to the pool to do my ‘lengths’ but deviated to my room and went for a siesta instead. The others were very good though and did fifty lengths each.....very commendable. I’m certainly lagging behind, the most I’ve done in a day is twenty! Maybe if I get up early tomorrow morning..........!

Maice and I continued our rummy tournament out on the balcony, accompanied with a glass of wine and some crisps. We played some good high scoring rounds but delighted to say I’m still in the lead. We regrouped at eight and headed off along the empty streets, heading for Alex’s Taverna. We passed this the other day, drawn to the pizza oven that looked like it was part of someone’s house. It was very rustic and smelt lovely. Maice had been told to look out for a taverna that made ‘the best pizza’s we’ve ever eaten’ and we think we may have found it.

The setting sun as we were walking down the high street was incredibly large and a very vivid orange, a bit like my lipstick really, but it was really quite something to behold.

We arrived at our destination to be greeted with....’ah, lovely young ladies, welcome to Alex taverna’ as we were welcomed by the very friendly Alex into his taverna. He certainly knows how to turn on the charm, not that we’re buying any of his flirting, we’re all too wise to be taken in by this charming, good looking Greek man. His constant flirting and chat did make us feel like we were filming for ‘Our Shirley Valentine Summer’ about eight female celebrities all looking for love on the Greek island of Naxos, a series that’s just finished on TV, except that a) we weren’t in Naxos, we were in Corfu b) we weren’t celebrities (well not yet, but who knows what the future may bring) c) we weren’t looking for love (okay it would be nice if we did) and d) that programme was too contrived whereas we naturally just ‘go with the flow’!

Having listened to Alex use his charm with everyone else that came in we set about ordering our wine and pizza’s. Pearl and Maice chose to drink red wine tonight to accompany their ‘mediterranean’ and ‘vegetarian’ pizza’s whilst Dianne and I stayed with the white to accompany our ‘Roquefort’ and ‘four cheese’ pizza’s. The verdict was, well, we can honestly say his pizza’s were truly delicious and very, very tasty.

We set off home, deviating into the mini-market to have a look at their Greek trinkets. I was drawn to these really nice versatile and convertible scarves which I thought would be great for Australia until Maice said it would be too hot over there to be wearing scarves.......after I’d bought them, that is! Ha, she soon changed her tune when we started trying out the different ways in which to wear them, honestly there’s about twenty ways to wear this scarf. A bargain I would say at just €3.50 each.

We said our good nights’, all of us looking forward to our mystery tour tomorrow with the car. We’re actually going to be doing something and going very exciting!


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