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Corfu: Day 4 – 27.08.18………….it’s multi-cultural Monday!

We were woken at 5.50am by the alarm on Maice’s phone, telling us to get up for work! Ha ha, very funny.....luckily we’re on holiday and can go back to sleep, like the rest of you can, this being the last Bank holiday Monday before Christmas. Gosh, did I really say that? However, it was a double rude awakening due to the weather having a complete ding-dong with itself and subjecting us to very loud thunder claps, huge raindrops and sheet lightning that lit up our room and the sky every couple of seconds. There was nothing for it........we sat out on the balcony, 6am in the morning taking in Mother Nature’s spectacle. It was really quite something! I must say, this has put paid to our early morning pre-breakfast walk and our planned ‘day on the beach’. It’s forecast to be like this all day so it could be another pool day unless we find a bar in resort that we want to take refuge in.

We breakfasted with the wasps again although, to be fair, there weren’t as many of them around this morning. Maybe it’s because we went down forty minutes later and there were more people for them to annoy. Although we flap our hands and arms around a lot to get rid of them and hopefully push them onto the next table we haven’t actually killed any. Oh no, we know exactly what happens if someone should ‘accidentally’ kill a wasp. Don’t they release some sort of signal or pheromone that brings the rest of the brigade, who can hear (do wasps have ears) or smell from miles away and then they all come on the attack, buzzing their way through the skies until they find the attackers? No way are we going to subject ourselves to that sort of ordeal, so we’ll carry on waving our arms around and hope we don’t inadvertently kill one by mistake. Talking about wasps we, thanks to a lovely reader, are now party to some very interesting facts, in defence about the wasp. Did you know....

§ That wasps play a crucial role in our economic and our ecosystems

§ That 100 species of orchid are solely reliant on wasps for pollination

§ They also protect our crops, make our ecosystems thrive, sustain fruit and flowers and help us fight disease.

So, a world without wasps would be an ecological and economic disaster.........remember you heard it hear first! We still don’t like them but now we see the reason for them. Anything that helps our ecosystem is a friend of ours, although we say that quite loosely because they’re still annoying the hell out of us over breakfast!

So there you are, you thought you were doing nothing and yet you’ve now learnt something!

Yesterday we decided to do something today and that is to welcome another, yes, another one of Pearl’s ex reps (now a resort manager) to join is for the day. This one’s called Neil, he’s a scouser, so what with two Scots lassies, a Canadian and of course moi, a posh scouser we wondered if we’d be able to converse with each other and understand what we’re all saying. It’s bad enough understanding each other as it is, so many things get lost in translation, mind you, that’s usually after a few scoops of wine!

He arrived just as it started to rain so we left our sun-beds and went for lunch at the pool bar. We’re only four days in and we’ve already become creatures of habit and ordered exactly the same food as we’d had the day before with Anne. I must say, we did have a laugh as we all regaled our past stories about the lovely holiday maker and the ‘rep’ and what they all got up to in resort. Ah, them’s were the days them’s were! We realise now that we, back in the day, are a dying breed of rep. This new breed with their working rules and days off probably wouldn’t last a week if they had to work the hours, the time’s and as hard as we did. They don’t know how lucky they are! For all the long hours we put in we had a great life and met some great, life long friends along the way. Some of us even go on us holidays together!!!!

All too soon it was time for Neil to leave us, we waved him off and as it was still raining we remained at the pool bar, ordered some wine and started to play ‘5 dice’. If you’ve never played it, you should buy it, it’s great fun and who knew you could get so excited and animated about throwing a few die around a table. After our mini tournament which I won, Pearl second, Dianne third and Maice came last.........we returned to our rooms for a siesta before heading out somewhere for supper.

Maice and I forwent our siesta and went for a wander, we wanted to see the beach in daylight and needed some provisions and to buy some gifts for the ‘presents’ game tomorrow. We’ve decided that tomorrow we’d celebrate all of our birthdays. I know they’re not until October, November, January and July but we thought as we’re never together to celebrate we’d choose a day on holiday, tomorrow being that day. So we went in search of gifts, careful not to see what the other one had bought and then made our way back, in the rain.

Pearl and Dianne came to collect us at 8pm, we enjoyed a glass of wine in our room whilst waiting for the rain to abate until finally it was safe to wander out for supper. We had a lovely meal which we all enjoyed, drank the usual ‘giraffe’ of wine, started to feel tired and so called it a day.

Its been another great day and isn’t it great when your ‘busy doing nothing’ day turns into a something day full of memories.

Night all….xx

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