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Corfu Day 3 - 09-06-24: We’ve been Coop’d!

We didn’t sleep as well as we did the night before, probably a combination of a) being too cold with the air-con on and b) being too hot when the air-con was off……there didn’t seem to be any happy medium. Still, we woke up at 5.30am when we heard Cristos drive off to work. We’re surprised the cicadas didn’t wake us up they’re so loud but we think it’s too early and not quite hot enough for the males to start rubbing their  body parts together just yet!

We were the first to arrive at breakfast again but within minutes we were joined by a couple who it transpired were up early as they were off to Paxos and Anti-Paxos on a boat trip. As we were all enjoying our breakfast Gabriella and her breakfast helper, we’ll call her Maria as we don’t know her name were wiping down the tables when suddenly Maria ‘passed wind’.  I didn’t quite hear the explanation but Maice said that Gabriella referred to this as ‘making air’, something that is classed as ‘rude’ in Hungary, her home country but is not frowned upon here in Greece.  So there you go, when in Greece!

We were off to the beach again today but as per our daily routine we stopped off for our early morning frappe, purchased some cheese and spinach pies and headed down to the sun-beds opposite Sea Breeze where we ate last night, but alas, all the sun-beds on the beach front were reserved ……with towels! So we trundled back to Golden Beach where we were yesterday, selected front row sun-beds literally just inches from the waters edge, laid out our towels and relaxed. Well it had been a tiring morning so far!!!!  Ah, what a lovely day we had. You just can’t beat swimming, sunbathing and eating cheese and spinach pies washed down with a cold glass of Greek beer whilst looking out over the Ionian Sea.  It was gorgeous.

Needing some provisions for the room, in fact, we had a list of things we needed we headed off to the Coop where we had an experience like no other in a Greek mini-market.  The shelves and aisles were chaotic, I’m surprised the people that work there know where anything is.  As soon as we walked in we were given two free bottles of water by the owner, we’ll call him Spiros as we don’t know his name. and asked him if he had any face cloths, or flannels for the face, something Maice had forgotten to bring with her. Off he went, up and down the aisles with us two in hot pursuit, then he stopped suddenly amongst some shelves and pulled out a hand towel.  ‘Όχι’, we replied in unison.  We then acted out what we were looking for but he was none the wiser, then out came the Greek dictionary App but despite showing him the word in Greek he then proceeded to bring out more hand towels, dish cloths, beach towels, tea towels, in fact everything but a face flannel.  We gave up and were going to pay for our stuff when we were summoned to the deli counter at the back of the shop where he proceeded to whip out a piece of grease proof paper, put it on the counter, added some feta, lots of olive oil, herbs, bread and olives and told us to eat it. So we stood there at the deli counter eating with our fingers, wondering what the hell was going on! Although it was a totally manic experience it was all very Greek and the feta was delicious.  Whilst walking around the mini-market and totally unbeknownst to me my beach bag with neck pillow and hat attached was getting in everyone’s way, taking up lots of room and almost knocking things off the shelves.  Ha, fortunately for us nothing was damaged but I’ll have to be careful with my bag next time, don’t want to have to pay for any damages!

Back at the room we showered then sat on the balcony and played our first card game of the holiday, Rummy, drinking our village wine and eating our Lays Oregano crisps. Begrudgingly I have to say that Maice won every game, seems that luck was on her side. Having consumed a fair bit of κρασι we needed at least an hours siesta before getting ready and heading out to Jimmy’s Taverna for supper.  As always, we had a lovely meal after which we walked along the board walk and walked past the couple who we’d seen at breakfast, sat in one of the tavernas. We chatted to them for quite a while before carrying on our walk then went back a few minutes later to ask them their names. So let us introduce you to Brian, originally from Belfast, and Maureen, otherwise known as B&M!

We eventually made our way back to the pool bar and asked Cristos if he could book us a table at The Village Taverna in the old village of Moriatika which he did, so a date for our diaries….supper on Friday @ 8pm…..don’t forget!

B&M turned up as did Pete and Karen and we sat around chatting and laughing whilst Cristos kept trying to ply us all with his Tsipouro/Raki….we had one to humour him and that was enough! I would also humbly like to clear up an injustice to all Greeks out there regarding the phrase ‘making air’. Apparently it refers to ‘belching’ and not ‘passing wind’ as Maice understood it to be……honestly, she’s only just been to Supersavers for a hearing a test……mmm, think she needs a second opinion!

We eventually left them all to it after midnight with Brians words of wisdom ringing in our ears…’There’s the plan, and then there’s the fact. You have to accept that they are different’!

And on that note we’ll leave those wise words with you …….!

Καληνύχτα ……Μ&Α xx

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