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Corfu: Day 10 – 02.09.18……… A day of nothingness!

I know I’ve said this before but it’s been a bit like the princess and the pea with these Greek mattresses. Honestly, you can feel every lump and bump and what with the air-con being either too cold so we switch it off, then the room gets too hot, so on it goes again, I’m surprised we’ve had any sleep at all since we’ve been here. We found some blankets in the cupboard for tall people .....I’m the only one able to reach the handles, Maice being too short, so we folded them in half and put them under the bottom sheets. It’s made a bit of a difference although we can still feel the peas, so to speak!

We breakfasted as usual, selecting a different table in the hope it would confuse the wasps and I think it worked. We weren’t inundated this morning, although we did see the odd one or two. After breakfast we wandered into resort, the ‘ghost resort’ we call it, to purchase our lunch. We half expected to see tumbleweed blowing down the street, it really is that deserted here, a real ‘high-noon’ type of town especially with the sun blazing down.

Back at the ranch we prepared our lunch of lemon hummus and cheeses rolls together with a donut and headed off to our favourite beach.......found a sun-bed, had a swim and then settled back for a couple of hours of doing nothingness until lunchtime. As you can see from the sign we get a free frappe with our sun-beds and have to order it from the little shack on the beach.......looks like something you’d find on a beach in Australia. Ι must say, as frappes go, they’re really quite good and for something different we sat in the sea and drank ours, we were very chilled, it was lovely.

We swam and sunbathed some more after lunch before calling it a day at 3pm. We were both vying for the shade so decided to head off to the pool to swim some lengths. I managed two and a half, although I had swum 200 strokes in the sea which I’ve worked out is the equivalent of 10 lengths and Maice did thirty, lengths that is, not strokes.

Tonight we’re going to Alex’s for pizza but before we went we had to pack, played a couple more rounds of rummy (pleased to say I’m still in the lead) and went to the pool bar for more pina coladas. I must say they are very more-ish but we kept to one each and walked the deserted streets to Alex taverna. He remembered us ‘lovely ladies’ from last time, even asking where the other two were and was very sad when we told him they were back in Scotland. Maice disappeared off across the road to the loo, after which she was led back to our table hand in hand by Alex, who sits her down and kisses her on the cheek.....don’t know what went on up there but I’m sure I saw Maice blush!!!! Honestly, these Canadians!

We decided to walk to the end of the resort where it was slightly more busy and to get our steps in, then went back to our room where we finished as much packing as we could before applying our face-masks. Yes, you heard right. Maice had given us one each to rehydrate our skin after ten days of assault in the sun. I don’t know, the things we do to remain beautiful!!

M&A xx

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