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Afitos: Day 8 - 09.09.17…………….Four play five dice!

We woke up to clouds and wondered if we would experience another stormy day like on Tuesday. Not to worry, we were off on an adventure ......we were taking the local bus to Siviri, which wasn't far, but was on the opposite side of the Kassandra finger (which we were on) and therefore too far to walk, for which I'm sure Dianne was secretly pleased.

We met at the bus-stop just up from Lidl at 11am and got talking to a mother and daughter from Serbia. Did you know that Belgrade, its capital, won an award for culture and is cited as one of the best European cities to visit.......must remember that when planning our next city-break!

The bus conductor, a young cheery chappy, was rather amusing as he kept getting things wrong and didn't seem to know who had given him money and how much they'd given him. He was most entertaining particularly when he was trying to converse with a couple from Russia who spoke no other language than their mother-tongue. Although a short bus journey he did manage to keep us amused throughout. We changed buses at Kassandra and arrived at Sivri where, can you believe this, it stared to spot with rain!. Never mind, we're on holidays, come rain or shine. Pearl said she knew the way so we followed her but we soon realised we'd gone off track as we were walking through a residential part of the village......surely we can find the beach, it's not as if it's a big village! Resorting to asking for directions from a local woman we finally arrived.

We stopped off at Stasis Taverna, now a cafe-bar where, back in the day Pearl used to do weddings and we enjoyed frappes before heading off along the beach in search of sunbeds. We found a suitable spot the other side of the little bridge and settled in for the duration. It wasn't the sunniest day, there was quite a lot of cloud covering but there were enough 'sun-gaps' to keep us warm, rather than cool. We had decided earlier to eat a 'proper' lunch in Sivri and then have some sort of snacklet for supper so by 4pm we were a tad peckish and went off to this nice tradtitonal taverna on the beach. Having waited a while and nobody came to see us we promptly left and found another taverna on the beach where we enjoyed a lively lunch.....Maice introduced '5-Dice' to the table, a very easy and entertaining game needing just 5-Dice, a pen and a notepad for scoring. We were so engrossed in our game it was just gone 6.30pm when we left, the buses weren't running, or so we were led to believe so we caught a taxi and arrived home in style.

Feeling tired, we decided to forgo our usual evening out so Pearl and Dianne went to buy some provisions from Lidl, Maice and I brought the wine and we spent an 'evening in' outside on Pearl and Dianne’s terrace. We had a lovely evening and 5-Dice was brought out again. Maice had won the game on the beach and I had won tonight's.......the winner is the first to reach 10,000 points, so we were both feeling victorious. Never mind P & D there's always another day!

Maice and I eventually headed off home down the long and winding road, in the dark. Another lovely day had been and gone, can't believe today was Saturday. My, how time flies when you're enjoying good times with friends!

So, as you have deduced, tomorrow is Sunday.....we are getting so confused with the days. I suppose we'll be spending another lazy day on the beach.......well someone's got to!

Sleep well…

M,A,P,D xxxx

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