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Afitos: Day 3 - 04.09.17………….Meet Rock, he’s a Greek rock!

We slept well and were up in plenty of time for breakfast which started at 8a.m so we thought we'd go down a little after, not wanting to be the first one's there. Washed and dressed, we wandered down to find the breakfast area empty.....where was everyone, had they been and gone? We were soon informed by Stella the receptionist that breakfast starts at 8.30 so we were actually first in the queue. We had a lovely breakfast and tuned in to our fellow 'Brits Abroad' having a moan and a winge about almost everything... 'the rooms too small', 'the fridge is too noisy', the air-con doesn't work', 'the hard boiled egg is too hard' you know type of thing. On and on they went, honestly what a bunch of moaners. It did keep us entertained though and rue the day we ever get like that!

Breakfast finished and it was beach time. We packed our beach bags and made our way to the 200 plus steps that would take us down to our awaiting sunbed's. Somehow we missed the steps and instead walked down the long and winding road that took us to Lime Beach Bar. We found a spot, unpacked but decided it was too posh for us commoners what with the the big white double mattress sunbed's and white flowing curtains around them so we re-packed and went in search of another sunbed spot. We soon found an area of beach which looked nice so we unpacked and went in to swim only to be told it was a private beach and to 'move on'. So we re-packed again and set off along the beach and that's when we came across 'Rock'. He's a Greek rock you know, sitting at the edge of the sea, all very protective like, so we unpacked and stayed next to rock for the duration of the day. Ah what a lovely day we had sunbathing, swimming, drinking frappes and mythos beer for lunch and it was just the perfect temperature for the first day of sunbathing. What more could we ask!

All to soon it was time to leave the beach, made our way up the 200 plus steps, quite easily I might add, and stopped off at the mini-market for our gin and snacks and our rummy tournament notepad. Tonight we would start on round one, a bit later than usual as we've usually started at the airport.

Seems we’re lagging behind in a lot of things at the moment!

We were in a dilemma as to where to go for supper! With so many restaurants in the village we were spoilt for choice so decided to go for a 'βόλτα', a promenade round the village and ended up at Cristos Taverna at the top of our street! Never mind, the walk did us good and gave us an appetite.

An early night was in order. We were looking forward to another busy beach day with Rock, and also to welcoming our two Scottish pals Pearl and Dianne (P&D) who would be arriving later that evening. Bet they're looking forward to seeing the sunshine and enjoying lazy days on the beach........roll on tomorrow!

Καλή νύχτα….

M&A xx

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