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Afitos: Day 7 - 08.09.17…………..The case of the 'twin nipple' and other mysterious ailments!

Pearl awoke to find not only had a ‘twin nipple’ appeared on her knee, of all places, but had also appeared in other places about her personage! The Mosquitos had certainly had a feast last night whilst Pearl was in slumberland and left their mark in the form of 'nipples' all over her body. Hopefully they don't become infected and she ends up in the clinic on a drip like I did in corfu circa. 2015!

It was a bit hot today so we decided to walk to the next resort of Kalithea, which is approx 3.4km away and yes, it was in the heat of the midday sun and yes it was another long and winding road to walk along. Hot and sweaty, we came across a lovely cafe-bar where we enjoyed frappes, freddo cappuccinos and four ice-cold glasses of water and drank in the glorious vista that was in front of us. Lovely, our walk was made all the worthwhile by this beautiful view.

Another long and winding road took us to the very packed beach where we were lucky to find four sunbeds with space to manoeuvre our sunbeds when following the sun around. We bought donuts from the donut man on the beach and all agreed that his donuts were the best we’ve every had. They were gorgeous!.

A long lazy afternoon was had, the sea was divine, it was a lovely sandy beach and all was well in our world. We were enjoying our beach day so much we even forgot to have lunch!

All too soon it was time to make our way home in the heat of the sun, up the 100 steps and down the long and winding roads. Before we made tracks however Maice and I visited the loo-on-the-beach. Heavens know what Maice got up to in there but she came out with a very ‘sow len’, that's a swollen thumb but this predictive text has a habit of doing its own thing! It was bright red and proceeded to swell up with each step we took. It was a most peculiar happening and we have no idea what caused it. Any assistance and anecdote on this mystery thumb swelling would be appreciated. We have however deduced that it's not an insect bite as there is no mark.

After this unfortunate incident, Maice and I felt we'd earned a frozen yoghurt on the way home....we were that hot and sticky but it certainly cooled us down.

One would think we'd become really fit since being here, what with walking up and down hundreds of steps, all those walks up and down the long and winding roads and the rubbing in of suntan lotion.....honestly, our arm muscles are getting a daily workout along with our legs.... it takes forever to rub this super thick lotion into our bodies, it really is the way forward if you want really big arm muscles!

We finally arrived home and found that in our absence Betty the Geranium had finally flowered and she is sporting a lovely red bloom. That will no doubt help George, our Loved-up Dove with his courting.....maybe now Pandora will be more receptive to his advances in his 'love-garden'!

We decided to meet up at 8pm at our usual rendezvous bar for the obligatory wine aperitif and mused over where to eat tonight. We liked the look of the taverna just up the road from us but when we got there it was packed solid and there was a queue so we went in search of a taverna along the hilltop promenade overlooking the beach, but that too was jam packed. We ended up at Fortuna, a posh looking restaurant which was empty but we had the most lovely and surprisingly cheap meal there. We all agreed our waiter had a really deep, sexy voice, a bit Sean Connery like and we told him so. We think he was quite pleased and told us he was 50 years old, which was a shame as we all thought he looked more like 60! We were treated to a 'shot-in-a-testube' which we were a bit dubious about following our experiences the other evening but it was actually rather lovely.

On our walk back through the village Pearls keen eye's spotted a happy hour sign that said 'all cocktails €5 until 11pm' and as luck would have it, it was only 10.30pm so in we went. My word, not only were they €5 but they came in the most enormous of glasses. We spent the rest of the evening 'people watching' a marvellous past-time and then it was back to our respective homes. Maice and I would be home within minutes but for Pearl and Dianne they still had to travel the long and winding road! Let’s hope there were no mishaps on the way….

Sleep well…

M,A,P,D xxxx

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