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Afitos: Day 6 - 07.09.17…………Dianne scores a hat-trick!

We awoke feeling rather fragile after last nights alcohol-fest, but a few tablets, water and breakfast later we began to feel normal again and headed up the long and winding road to P&D's. We didn't have a clue what we were doing today, only that a regroup was required at 10am at their place. We came across Dianne sitting at the breakfast table looking a little sorry for herself; seems the walk home last night was quite eventful.

As the story goes, as a car drove past them Dianne just happened to fall over, smack onto the edge of the road. Needing assistance from Pearl to right herself they walked on only for Dianne to fall over again! Unable to pull herself up into an upright position Pearl, mortified by these occurring events, reluctantly gave assistance and the pair moved on again only for Dianne to fall over yet again.......yes folks it was a hat-trick in the making and then as if out of no-where their hotel receptionist Maria appeared and both she and Pearl manhandled and manouvered Dianne to their room.

It goes without saying really that Dianne hasn't a clue how she actually climbed the spiral staircase to get to bed (they have a maisonette) but she was unaided for Pearl had collapsed on the downstairs bed and was soon in the land of zzzzsss. Poor Dianne was covered in cuts, scratches and see, that's what happens when you wear flattish sandals which according to Dianne was the cause of this repeated falling down business! Of course Maice and I think the copious amounts of alcoholic beverages may have had a part to play in these roadside antics.

At our re-group, we decided to spend the day at the private beach associated with P&D's hotel which wait for it, was Lime Beach. If you recall Maice and I didn't stop here as we felt it was too posh for us.....however if it's good enough for P&D it's good enough for us too. Well, posh or not, we had a super day on the beach, we were so close to the sea it was lapping at our sunbeds. It was, to coin a phrase.....Gorgeous!

After a glorious day on the beach we met later that evening at our usual rendezvous bar where we had a few scoops of wine before heading off for supper. We were all very envious of Maice's menu choice of grilled prawns, they were enormous and we looked on in envy hoping to be offered a taste, but Maice ate them all, announcing to us three onlookers how absolutely delicious they were.

After last night, we decided an early night was required as we were worn out after our tiring day on the beach. We said our goodbyes and hoped that P&D made it home with no further mishaps along the long and winding road!

Night all….

M,A,P,D xxxx

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