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Afitos: Day 5 - 06.09.17………..We're on holiday, oh, what the hell!

We must introduce you to George, our friendly grey Dove who sits in our window box or on our balcony railings everyday and coos at us and, as Doves go, he's a dear little thing. Well imagine our surprise when he brought Pandora, his LadyDove home and only proceeded to court her in the window box. To be fair to her she was totally disinterested in his plumping of feathers and coo-calling.......we think she had her eye on another beau on the rooftop opposite. Poor unlucky in love George, now sits all alone in his window box with only Betty, the non-flowering geranium for company.

So, two became four........... I'm referring to me, Maice, Pearl and Dianne and not to our two courting LoveDoves. We said we'd meet them on the beach by Rock at about 1pm as they had been summonsed to a 'welcome briefing' in the morning so Maice and I set off down the steps to the beach and set up camp. Fyi the weather was glorious with not a cloud to be seen. Marvellous.......we were looking forward to a good tanning day. All was well with the world and when we passed Mr Miserables taverna we smirked knowing that he was now in the 'control dartboard' and soon to be on 'tripadvisor'.

P&D arrived and Mythos beers were ordered to celebrate the start of their holiday and we spent a lovely sunny afternoon swimming and sunbathing.........gorgeous!

Talk soon turned to the evening and P&D wanted to dine at Cristos Taverna, an old haunt of theirs from past experiences. Apparently on a previous holiday, Dianne had had an assignation with Tomas, one of the waiters so we were keen to move the story on and establish, a) would he still be there and b) would he recognise her after seven years?

We decided to meet up at our new rendezvous bar, The Cafe at 7.30pm but before that Maice and I continued our rummy tournament over a very generously poured G&T. I must say, so far this tournament is very close with no clear winner in sight. One minute I'm in the lead, then it's Maice and on it's all very exciting!

We were so engrossed in our tournament when Maice realised it was time to go so we gulped down our G&T's and headed off to The Cafe. It was 7pm! ..........Maice had got the time completely wrong. P&D arrived, wine was ordered and we sat and chatted and just before we left we were given a shot of 'raki' for our onward journey. From past experiences, drinking shots can only end in tears, but what the hell, we're on holiday. So we drank them down and made our way to Cristos Taverna for supper. Tomas was there and welcomed us in, we're not sure if he fully remembers Dianne, but she become rather coy........probably remembering a few things from ‘that holiday’!

A giraffe and a half of wine later, plus a shot of ouzo, oh what the hell, we're on holiday and we wandered round to Soborro, another haunt of P&D's. I have to enlighten you all that Pearl worked in Halkidiki and lived in Afitos, just up the road from Soborro and Dianne came out for two weeks holiday, which is why they have so many 'haunts'. Two bottles of wine later, we didn't know why we ordered a second bottle, and a shot of 'ursus' (red vodka) thrown in.......ah what the hell, we're on holiday and it was time to go home. Thankfully Maice and I were staying just round the corner and didn't have far to go but P&D had to walk the long and winding road in the dark. Hope they're okay and get home without any mishaps......we did all seem to be a bit worse for wear when we left the Soborro Bar!!!!!!

M,A,P,D xxxx

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