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Afitos: Day 15 - 16.09.17………….It's the final countdown......there's a song there somewhere!

We woke late, 8am to be precise and busied ourselves getting ready for breakfast. George was sharing Betty's flower bed with her and what a lovely twosome they make.....he's certainly a handsome Dove!

We could tell it was going to be a hot day as there was absolutely no breeze and we trudged up the incline and down the steps to the beach for the very last time. We were looking forward to spending our last day with 'Rock' but no, what's happened? Someone's only gone and pinched our sunbeds. It's an outrage and the couple reclining on our sunbeds look like they've been there for hours! It was a travesty. What to do now? We stood, bewildered not knowing which way to turn when we finally took stock of our emotions and walked nonchantly to the other end of the beach and chose two sunbeds right on the end.

Frappes were ordered, with a little more milk this time as the last few have been a bit strong, but oh dear, we think it must be a different barman who made them......Maice's was almost white and mine was semi-brown but very sweet. Yuk! I sent mine back and got an even whiter frappe than Maice's......there must have been one grain of coffee in the cup it was that weak and quite disgusting. For our last frappe It was certainly very disappointing.

It was so hot, we were in and out of the water every fifteen to twenty minutes to cool us down as there was absolutely no breeze whatsoever. It was so lovely in the water which we shared with all the little fishes .......little blighters kept nibbling at our feet and ankles, its like going to one of those fish foot spas' only on a bigger scale! I don't know what the attraction with feet is but these fishes certainly have a foot fetish!

As we were 'going with the flow' and knew there was nothing we could do about the disappointments of the morning; our pinched sunbeds, the white frappes and the heat I'm pleased to say they have all ended up in the 'control dartboard' with Mr Miserable the Waiter!

We have concluded that sunbathing is not only relaxing but also quite theraputic and it's great to people watch when your wearing your sunglasses. What we have noticed since we've been here is the trend for men, young and old it seems, who are sporting the David Beckham ManBun. Honestly, practically every Greek has one plus a beard to go with it. I personally like it as did Pearl and Dianne but Maice is not a fan. Other than David Beckham, there must be some film star or Greek singer wearing one that’s started off this man trend.

We left the beach early and walked up the 200 steps for the final time. An incident occurred on the steps which I shan't go into but I've had to add it to the 'control dartboard' but I will for sure be adding a comment on Tripadvisor about Afitos in general.

As we'll miss breakfast tomorrow morning due to our early pick-up at 7.55am.......we have three alarms set just in case, we bought some rolls from the bakery and some cheeses to make ourselves some sandwiches. Maice set about this task on the balcony table and we have three rolls each containing laughing cow cheese, Gouda cheese and peppers, yum, plus a bag of crisps. That should keep us going until we get home tomorrow. We packed our bags over the last of the G&T's, ate some popcorn, played rummy, got ready and went for supper. We had been deliberating all day where to go and we ended up at Fortuna where the four of us had our best meal. We can honestly say it didn't disappoint and it was a lovely end to our holiday. Today is Saturday, and the 'party animals' that we are got back to our room at 10.30pm where we finished our packing, got into our nighties and it was lights out.

A day of travelling is ahead of us tomorrow, hopefully we get up on time, the flight is on time and the journey from Gatwick to home is problem free.

Looking forward to seeing Millymou, hoping she's enjoyed her holiday at Home and Away Cattery as much as we've enjoyed ours here in Afitos. And here's to all the lovely kitty cats of Greece and in particular those here in Afitos.

M&A xx

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