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Afitos: Day 14 - 15.09.17…………..It's Thursday, we always have steak on Thursday!

except that Maice is vegetarian so we'll probably be having chips and egg!

Neither of us slept too well last night......the air-con was on, then off, then on again and we were hot one minute, cold the next. We seem to be on a go slow today as we had a leisurely 'getting up' and didn't get down to breakfast until 9am. We took some money with us and after breakfast we went up the hill to fetch a six pack of water, it's not really a hill, it's a slope with a very steep incline but it's a real trudge to walk up every day!

Having grappled our heavy six pack back home we had to navigate it up the 31 steps to our room. We are intrigued by the number of steps it takes to get to each floor.....from the ground floor to the first there are 14 steps, from the first floor to the second there are 9 steps and from the second floor to the third there are 8 steps......we wonder if the room heights are getting lower each time. Just as well we're on the top floor!

Betty, our flowering geranium is 'bloomin lovely' and doing well, it must be George, our resident LoveDove's cooing that's making her blossom. Poor George, seems he's resorted back to being a BachelorDove as Pandora seems to have flown the nest and it's just him and Betty again.

We spent the day with Rock.....he was looking a bit forlorn as we hadn't seen him for a few days so we showed him a photo of him and his 'Rock-ettes' and he was soon back to his old rock-self!

We ordered our frappes and bedded in for the day not expecting it to be as hot as it was. Poor Maice was mortified as she forgot to pack her kindle so had nothing to read. She would have to resort to day-dreaming like I do but was under strict instructions not to dream about work.....we didn't want her having any nightmares. Before arriving at the beach we had made a detour to the bakery and bought ourselves one spinach and one cheese pie for our lunch which we enjoyed under the shade of our umbrella. We watched as the beach cafe waiters took delivery of its bottled water in a rowing boat and then it was back to sunbathing again. We'd soon had enough so went in search of a beach bar with comfy chairs, found one and settled down with two ice-cold Mythos beers. Bliss. In haste to open my beer with those new ring-pull tops I sliced my finger and ended up using a serviette as a was definitely a deja-vu moment! We don't know what was in those beers but it certainly made our legs heavy as lead and we struggled up the 200 plus steps. We were quite exhausted when we arrived back to our room and we fell onto our beds and had a well earned siesta......well, you can't begrudge us a siesta as we have foregone them the last few days! We couldn't believe it was only four o'clock!

We were semi-lively when we awoke and after showering we took ourselves onto the balcony for a G&T and a bout of rummy. It ended with Maice catching up with me and believe it or not we are now both level pegging on 6,575. What's the likelihood of that happening?

All dolled up and not too sure where to go we set off into the centre and sat outside a lovely cafe with white chairs, enjoyed a glass of wine and then decided to eat at one of the tavernas along the hilltop promenade. We soon walked past them all as there were too many 'καμάκιs' trying to sweet talk us into their establishment, so we walked to the end of the promenade, back into the village and ended up in a taverna close to us.

We didn't see anyone we knew tonight, which is unusual as we often see the same faces out and about. I don't know what it is about us but when we've been in our usual rendezvous bar enjoying our wine, we often get talking to people on the other tables. There's one couple who we don't know but they seem to know us and have assumed we're party animals, the same as Mr Postcode Lottery winner and his partner.....they both thought we were out on the town every night. We've no idea how they've arrived at that conclusion!

We got back to our room at, note, 9.56pm feeling exhausted, me feeling slightly tipsy and having taking a few pills for my back I fell asleep straight away whilst Maice, now reunited with her kindle read a few more chapters.

M&A xx

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