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Afitos: Day 13 - 14.09.17……………..It's a dogs life!

Today we were off on an adventure and taking the local bus to Nea Fokea, about six kilometres up the road. We wanted to walk there but unlike walking to Kalithea where you can walk the back roads, to get to Nea Fokea there's only the main road. Wanting to remain in one piece, we plumped for the bus. 10.05am it was due at the bus stop by us, so being in our 'efficient mode' we arrived at 9.40am and sat and waited with Mr & Mrs Woof who were also waiting. We wondered where they were off to on their doggy travels with their suitcases, probably somewhere like Barking!

Having sat at the bus stop for fifty minutes two buses came along together. We deliberated going on separate buses to see who got there first but as I had the 'kitty purse' we went together on the second bus. We had another cheery bus conductor and when we arrived we headed straight to the Ikono Cafe-Bar for our usual morning frappe. It's one of the best frappes we've had and what a lovely view. Nea Fokea is a very tiny resort with a small harbour and a Byzantine Tower and Church up on the hill. It was so quite and peaceful and relaxing it really was a super place to enjoy our frappes.

We'd intended today to be a day when we would take lots of photos, we've not taken many at all on this holiday you see, and also to compare the shops with those in Afitos due to Kalithea being so disappointing. We brought extra cash and our credit cards just in case, but as the resort is so small there were only two tourist shops and one of those was closed! Great way to save money though!

We wandered along the harbour and watched the fish, real tiddlers they were, making formations in the water. It was like watching starlings in flight but underwater. Quite fascinating to watch. You'll never believe who we bumped into on the harbour........only Mr and Mrs Miserable from Pearl and Dianne’s hotel. Well, Mrs M actually managed to crack a smile as we passed each other. We made our way up the hill path to the tower and church, lovely views from up here and as we were walking back Mr and Mrs M were approaching us. For some reason Mr M veered into the path of a car that was driving up behind him when Maice, quick as a flash herded him back onto the verge and after that little incident they both actually spoke to us and yes, they both smiled. My word, they looked so different!

After Maice's good deed for the day we felt a sunbed session was required so we walked along to the beach, found two nice sunbeds and settled in for the afternoon. The bus was due at 17.10 so we needed to keep an eye on the time. It was absolutely glorious down on the beach. Our sunbeds were literally a foot from the sea which was gently lapping the beach. There was no beach bar but there was a waiter who took our order, then hopped on his moped and went into the village and came back shortly after with our drinks! Where there's a will there's a way, I suppose. Very novel, we thought. Ah, this was the life, it was so quiet and peaceful, listening to the lapping waves until the Russians arrived....and then the Greeks and the volume went up. These people just don't do quiet.....they have to shout from their sunbed to their friends in the water and it's quite deafening.

We watched a couple of elderly ladies doing 'ladies that lunch' but instead of having lunch they spent the whole afternoon chatting in the water. We're sure they must have looked like prunes when they eventually came out of the water, let's face it, they were in the water for at least three hours. A nice concept though, and a cheap one.

It was soon time for lunch and we found Ta Kymata fish taverna overlooking the harbour and ordered Greek salad and Santorini Fava, which was delicious, washed down with two big bottles of Amstel and Mythos beer. We didn't realise they were big or we would have shared.....honestly! We enjoyed our lunch and the views, Nea Fokea really is a lovely little fishing village and then made our way to the bus stop. According to the notice at the bus stop, it was due at ten past five but this being Greece it arrived at five as we got to the bus stop at four forty, we waited another fifty minutes!

Back at home we had a 'sort of' siesta, got ready, forwent the G&T and rummy tournament and were out by 7.30pm. Tonight was the night we had been invited to meet up with Anna and Monica and although no definite plans were made we didn't want to bump into them. As we walked past the taverna nearest to where we are staying, Cristos Taverna, there they were, nose in a menu, so we sped past and wondered if they'd seen us. Honestly, how old are we! Anyway, tonight was our shopping night, we got what we needed and sat down at the bar with the white tables and chairs and enjoyed a glass of wine and some people watching. Not having a time-piece on us we didn't know what the time was but went off to Strouboulis Taberva, the one we couldn't get into with P&D as it was packed and enjoyed a nice supper.

It was 10.36pm when we got back to the room. We were weary and tired but we'd had a really super day, Nea Fokea was lovely and we'd done our shopping and bought ourselves some lovely items to remind us of our stay here in Afitos. Tomorrow is our last day and we are going to spend it with our beloved Rock. I even managed to buy myself a fridge magnet with a photo of Rock on it, that's how popular he is.

M&A xx

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