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Afitos: Day 11 - 12.09.17………………Time to say Goodbye (there's a song there somewhere!)

Tasked with reserving four sunbeds next to Rock, Maice and I made a hurried attempt to get down there for ten o’clock. We were a little late but thankfully they were free, but what had yesterday's windy weather done to the beach. Our sunbeds were now perched on a ledge as the sand had been washed away and a row of sunbeds had been moved off the beach as the tide had come in so far. It was quite drastic but not to worry, it certainly wouldn't hamper our sunbathing. Pearl and Dianne arrived soon after, the frappes and coke's were ordered and we settled down to enjoy their last hours in Afitos.

There was very little breeze today with temperatures rising and as we had lost the shade of our umbrella which was a foot below us it meant more dips in the sea, which of course wasn't a problem. We struggled on sunbathing in the heat of the sun until it was 3.30pm when we called it a day and headed off in search of somewhere for 'lupper'. For those not 'in the know' lupper is a combination of lunch and supper! You may find this hard to believe (or may not) but when the four of us were discussing our new word, Maice spelt it out l-a-u-p-p-e-r and when I questioned it Pearl also said that's how it should be spelt! Asking them both where was the 'a' in lunch and where was the 'a' in supper they both conceded that indeed they couldn't spell and so 'lupper' it is!

We found a lovely taverna on the waterfront and enjoyed the most wonderful lunch of Greek salad, grilled vegetables, grilled hallucinating (predictive text again) grilled halloumi, baked feta and the most delicious tomato balls, washed down with Mythos beer and wine. It was gorgeous and a lovely way to end Pearl and Dianne’s holiday.

They, but not us, took their final steps up the 200 steps from the beach and we said our goodbye's in the square and waved them off on their final walk down the long and winding road, one which we wouldn't have to walk again, but no, that's not quite true, you see Maice and I had decided the day before that we would go and surprise them and wave them off on the coach. Of course this meant a quick turn around for us, which is unthinkable really considering how sloth like we have become. We spurred ourselves into action by first taking a 'berrocca' for energy and then there was a hive of activity not seen before in the room; showering, moisturising, hairdrying, sorting out what to wear, what money to take and we didn't collide with each other once! My god, we were totally exhausted by the time we’d finished but we made it out of the door in record time. The walk along the long and winding road was extremely hot and we wondered why we were going out of our way to make this 'gesture' but then we reminded ourselves that they were our friends, and that's what friends do!

We arrived at their hotel, hot and sweaty, our newly washed and coiffured hair now plastered to our faces and found them beside the pool and yes, they were surprised to see us. We also met Anna's friend Monica who couldn't make barbeque night due to a migraine..... remember the Shirley Valentine scenario, and as they don't leave until Saturday they asked if we wanted to meet up with them on Friday evening as they were going to this restaurant that had a saxophonist playing. To be perfectly honest we didn't feel up to trying to converse with Anna, who spoke no English and her friend Monica who speaks a little English, who would have to translate to Anna, who would then reply to Monica who would then translate to us and on it would go. So we've decided we'll do something else and avoid the restaurant area they wanted to meet up in.

I digress........back to Pearl and Dianne. Their coach, which was about 25 minutes late eventually arrived and we said our goodbye's once again, waving them off with our glittery cocktail sticks.....and then we walked our last walk down the long and winding road. Thank goodness for that, we both said and off we went to the bar in the square for a well deserved glass of wine and a spot of people watching. We didn't realise it but we sat behind this couple who were staying at Pearl and Dianne’s hotel who were at the barbeque night and didn't speak to each other and didn't crack a smile all evening and the same tonight.......they didn't speak to each other and just sat staring looking miserable. They were probably having a wonderful time, it just wasn't that obvious!

Having indulged in lupper, we didn't feel the need to eat anything else and decided to go home....we were both tired and weary having had to forgo our siesta to wave our Scottish friends goodbye so an early night it was. It will be lovely not to walk the long and winding road's just a shame about those 200 steps!

M.A.P.D xxxx

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