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Afitos: Day 10 - 11.09.17…………….Keeeeeep Dancing!

I had a fitful nights sleep and seemed to be suffering with rest-legs syndrome. I can only deduce they were still doing last nights dance moves but my back was aching too, no surprise there really as I do recall busting some moves not recommended for people with bad backs, but when you've indulged in three bottles of wine, between four of us I hasten to add and on top of our G&T's your brain thinks your body can do anything! Suffice it to say, pills were required to ease the aches and pains. Not wanting to put the light on and wake Maice, I groped in the dark for where I thought my pills were. Thing is, we keep moving things around so after a good grope around the different drawers I managed to find them, then had to find the water. Eventually I got back in to bed, Maice was still sleeping peacefully and I hoped that sleep would hurry up and take over my aching body.

We had agreed last night to spend the day at the posh beach bar, Lime Beach and treat ourselves to the 'posh' sunbeds, the ones with the big thick mattresses out on the stone jetty. We thought we'd splash out as we haven't done an excursion this holiday so decided our 'excursion' would be a relaxing day on the beach. Yes, I know it's the same as every other day, but the posh sunbeds made it that more special. Well, what a difference a sunbed makes. They were so comfortable we didn't budge all day except to swim and then walk up the thirty steps to the restaurant for lunch.

Over lunch, P&D kept us entertained with the videos they'd taken of our barbecue evening. There was Maice doing a 'fly-by' in front of some dancers, arms flailing all over the place, there's another of me doing what looked like the Sirtaki in slow motion to the groups version of Alecia Keys 'Falling', and like Maice, arms were all over the place, then there's Pearl gyrating, or trying to gyrate her hips up on top of the table and finally Dianne was giving it everything with the guitar moves that it!!!!! We re-iterated over and over what a great night we had.

Back on our posh sunbeds and the wind started to whip up. It had been windy all day but now we were being sprayed by the sea which was getting really choppy. Time to leave we thought, so up the first long and winding road we trudged to the village where we left P&D to continue up the next long and winding road to their hotel. Rather them than us!

We were meeting at our usual rendezvous place for an aperitif at eight. Maice and I decided that as we’ve been late for almost every occasion we would make a concerted effort and get there at least twenty minutes early. We had a quick ten minute siesta, showered, enjoyed our G&T's on the balcony, continued our rummy tournament, got ready and then proceeded to faff about for at least another ten minutes before making it out the door and arriving at our destination a few minutes before eight. We tried, but at least P&D weren't there first.

We have deliberated often about why it seems to take us so long to get ourselves organised. Obviously one reason is that we are so chilled out and relaxed and that our brains are in holiday mode but we think the main reason is the size of our room. It's a lovely room, compact and bijou but you certainly need to be able to drive to manouver about. As one of us walks along the end of the beds the other one has to reverse between the beds to let the other one past, and the same goes for getting out onto the balcony. A lot of opening and closing of doors, moving of curtains and chairs and then careful reversing and manovering is required. We have a strict speed limit in place and there is definitely no overtaking! You really need to keep your wits about you.....the number of bumps, scrapes and bruises we've suffered since we've been 'driving' around our room is quit a high percentage!

After indulging in our usual glasses of wine we 'window shopped' our way to the Creperie where we each had a savoury crepe. No expense was spared for this Pearl and Dianne’s last night, so we pushed the boat out and ordered one sweet crepe with four forks all washed down with a nice glass of Pearl's favourite Greek wine.

Off next for cocktails at the Happy Hour bar. Pearl chose a Long Island Tea, which has no tea in it but about eight different spirits.....I had a Tom Collins, Dianne had an Apple Mojito and Maice had a Pina Colada. Lovely!

Soon it was time to say goodbye (there's a song there somewhere) and this time Maice and I walked the few hundred yards home and Pearl and Dianne trudged along the long and winding road. We all agreed, another good day was had by all......xx

Καλή νύχτα …..

M.A.P.D xxxx

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