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Monte Carlo: Day 4 – 12.03.18……………Six Shades of Fifty - Go to Nice!

The day dawned a tad overcast with drizzly patches here and there. Typical really, as we decided last we were going to spend a nice day in Nice today. No worries, you never know, it may clear up by the time we get there!

After a consensus of opinion last night we met for breakfast at the more sensible time of 9.30am. You’d have thought we hadn’t eaten for days such was our appetite, and like yesterday morning we made numerous visits to the breakfast buffet, making sure we had enough ‘fuel’ to last until supper.

We set off for the bus stop, all wrapped up and geared up for the wet weather we were expecting and were soon on board the No.100 bus to Nice. Apparently it’s a forty five minute journey and costs just €1.50.....amazing value. They do say that this is one of the most scenic road trips in the world but to be honest we didn’t see that much from where we were sat so the jury’s out on that one. We finally arrived and proceeded to walk along the promenade which has a cycle lane along the whole stretch. For some reason we all seemed to be meandering into it which wasn’t the most clever thing to do when it was being used by hundreds of cyclists who were participating in the Paris-Nice road cycling race. I’m surprised none of us were mowed down by them, particularly the speed they travel!

We came to Nice without a plan of action so instead of having a sense of purpose we dilly-dallied, meandered, wandered around, then retraced our steps and wandered some more until we felt we needed some form of sustenance. We tried to regroup but it was a bit like herding cats when some of the ‘shades’ saw a nice shop in which to peruse and possibly make a purchase or two! We walked round in circles and ended up in a cafe that didn’t look much on the outside but was really quite rustic and charming inside. Sitting either side of the huge wooden oak table that could seat at least twenty we ordered two carafes of wine, chips, strudels and a tuna sandwich, the French way. We had a lovely lunch which also happened to be the cheapest so far. Back outside, we walked along the rest of the promenade, as far as the tacky casino, turned back and made our way towards the shops. It was starting to drizzle again so we had a quick ten minute wander into the department store Galerie Lafayette, where no-one, I repeat no-one bought anything. Quite amazing really!

We made it back onto the No.100 bus back to Monte Carlo Monaco glad to be leaving Nice. We’d only spent about five hours there but we felt this was enough, it certainly didn’t live up to our expectations. It seemed to lack character, was a bit grubby and seemed rather tired. The drive back was quite spectacular as we could see a lot more of the coastline, the mountains and all the houses built on the sides of the rock face. Incredible.

Back in MCM we did our usual shop for provisions before ending up back in room 901 for our pre-dinner soirée. This being our last night our quest was to eat and drink all our provisions as we didn’t want to leave anything behind. Unable to eat and drink any more we went out for supper, finding this lovely Italian restaurant just around the corner. The food was gorgeous as were the two bottles of wine we consumed and when we could eat and drink no more we left.

Maice and I went straight back to our room, glad to get to our comfy beds whilst Anne and Shirl returned to the party room to consume the last of their Bacardi. No amount of hints from Abi and Tan could get rid of them, even when they both had showers and made their way to bed. Some people just don’t get the hint!!! You’d think they’d be well tired after our day out.......Maice reporting that we had walked 21,000 steps today and burnt at least 2,800 calories. It doesn’t surprise me the amount of times we detoured in Nice.

It’s airport day tomorrow, so hopefully everyone will be up with the lark, packed and ready to go!!! I can’t seem to remember what time we were meeting for this’ll be interesting!

Night all......AAMAST xxxxxx

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