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Monte Carlo: Day 1 – 09.03.18…………Six Shades of Fifty - On Tour!

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

It’s after midnight, and something evils lurking in the dark! Actually, it was our alarm clocks that we’d just set for 4am.....that’s just four hours sleep and then we’re up again. Best get some sleep then! Good night all xxxxxx

After a busy day at work, a bit of last minute repacking and dropping Millymou off with her ‘Uncle Barry’, I set off to pick up Maice who, for once, was ready and waiting. So far so good then!

Next stop, Wool, where we were picking up Abigail. Well, we weren’t actually picking her up, we were in fact changing cars and driver, Maice and I being relegated to the back seat, with Abi driving, however Abi, being Abi, wasn’t quite ready, but no worries....we were kept entertained by Jo and Dave, Abi’s in-laws who proceeded to regale us with their recent escapades in Australia. We tried to keep up, but both seemed to be trying to outdo each other with their stories, talking ten to the dozen, talking over each other and whilst all this was going on, Abi’s youngest, Harry was carrying out manouvres in the hallway on his ‘hoverboard’. Ah, you can’t beat family life!

Finally escaping the madhouse, we drove off to Wareham to pick up Anne with an ‘e’, who is not the Anne with an ‘e’ of the murder mystery weekends, no, this is a brand new Anne with an ‘e’. So, with luggage’s tightly packed into the boot of Abi’s car Maice, Anne and I squeezed our slim fit bodies into the back seat, Maice perched in the middle, legs astride the middle column, Anne and I sat either side of Maice, with the wheel arches digging into our sides, forcing us to lean inwards towards Maice. It was all very cosy and what a way to get to know each other!

Having finally jostled our posteriors into a comfortable position, we set off further into Wareham to pick up our last passenger, Shirl who thankfully was ready and waiting. Happily ensconced in the front passenger seat, her luggage manhandled and squeezed into the smallest space in the boot we set off on our journey to Petersfield where we were staying the night with Tan and her family.

Motorway driving with Abi was certainly an experience. It’s not often one is overtaken on both the inside and outside lanes of the motorway. Dear Abs was getting quite cross about it. We did have to point out to her that the middle lane was not for ‘cruising’ at 60 miles per hour and suggested perhaps moving over into the inside lane to allow the traffic to flow more generously! We spent the rest of the journey deliberating a) where would we sleep and b) what we were having for supper, Tan very kindly offered to provide a light supper for us all. Pizza, fish, the suggestions were endless, although I’m sure Anne wouldn’t need anything having consumed a burger from our recent wee stop!

Finally arriving at Tan’s we realised that a) we needn’t have worried about sleeping arrangement and b) we were treated to a sumptuous three course meal with, I might add, copious amount of delicious Prosecco. How absolutely glorious it was to eat decent food again after my ‘giving up practically everything diet’ for Lent! Tan’s husband and daughter joined in with the celebrations as we began our ‘6 shades of 50’ bonding session.

What a wonderful evening we’ve had. We’ve laughed all the way from our arrival until we went to bed, we’ve had a goody bag of gin, cream eggs, rabbits and masks, we’ve eaten the most wonderful food......the fish pie was to die for, the desserts were super yummy and of course the Prosecco went down far too easily.

We made our way to our beds at midnight.....looking forward to four hours of sleep and wondering what the next four days had in store!

Let the birthday celebrations begin.....🎉

AAMAST xxxxxxx

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