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Liverpool: Day 4 – 28.03.2016…………And it’s a very Happy Birthday to my mother!

We woke to bright sunshine streaming through the window on this glorious Easter Sunday morning. Amazingly the Easter bunny must be reading our blogs as it knew exactly where we were and left some Easter eggs dotted around our room. So, Happy Easter wishes to you all!

Well, believe it or not we have an unstructured morning. The only plan for the day is a surprise birthday lunch for my mother whose birthday it happens to be today. We decided a relaxing morning was the way to go so after getting ready and packing (our bags seem to have multiplied even though we haven’t made any purchases) we headed downstairs to Costa for our morning caffeine fix and a round of rummy. We needed to catch up after missing yesterday's session and with Maice still inn the lead I had a feeling this was going to be my lucky day. Before we knew it it was noon, and believe it or not I’d managed a hat trick, and was now in the lead, just.

Next on the plan was a birthday surprise lunch for my mother. The taxi was ordered with strict instructions to the driver not to reveal the destination, whilst we arrived at the restaurant early giving us time for another couple of hands of rummy. The taxi eventually pulled up outside the restaurant whereby I hopped out to open the taxi door surprisingboth my mother and her partner Laurie. Ah, don’t you just love surprises. We can’t actually believe that everything went according to plan but it did and an enjoyable meal was had by all.

After lunch we spent a few hours at my mothers flat then at 3 pm we decided it was time to head home. So far today we’ve experienced a hail storm, downpours and bright sunshine so we had no idea what our journey back to Dorset was going to be like. It usually takes just under five hours to ge home but we managed to make it home in 7 hours after missing an exit and having to make a slight detour. At one point the number of cars on the motorway started increasing at an alarming rate so a quick loo stop was made in case we got stuck in traffic. Thankfully we didn't, but best to be prepared. Then we encountered road works and miles and miles of a 50 mph limit. At Gloucester we took a well earned comfort and coffee break at the wonderful Gloucester Eco Services and Farm Shop. Bread and cheese was our choice of snack to dine on during this our final round of rummy. The game was getting serious at this point, no talking, just total consentration. After some very intense hands with both of us taking the lead I sprang into the lead with a score of 1390 against Maices score of 1335. It was my lucky day, no doubt helped by all the beautiful rainbows we’ve seen today. Can you believe we saw not one, not two, not three but 5 rainbows on the way home!

As I was driving, Maice had the camera to hand ready to capture the sun but the weather turned and for the rest of the journey home we encountered torrential rain and very windy weather all the way home. It’s going to take some time I’m sure for my hands to un-cramp such was the tight grip I had on the steering wheel to keep Missy Micra on the road and not fly away.

So how are you all doing with the Beatles song challenge? There was reference to 13 Beatle songs in total, some more obscure than others, and here they are……


Day Tripper

Hard Days Night

Penny Lane

Get Back

Ticket to Ride


Long and Winding Road

Lady Madonna

Yellow Submarine

Eleanor Rigby

Paperback Writer


We finally made it home after a very long day and a very long drive back but what a fun and action packed weekend we’ve had. Suffice to say, we are both glad to be back home to the delight of our own beds, particularly me as I snuggle up into my king size bed. Ah, what bliss!

So this is us two bloggers signing off until the next adventure where ever that will take us. Night all, and thanks for reading


M&A xx

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