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Liverpool: Day 2 – 26.03.16………….How do we get to Speke!

Maice woke at 6.14am feeling victorious, not because she’d won the toss to sleep in the big bed but that she was in the lead after some winning hands of our holiday rummy game. Scores as of last night…..Maice 190, me 35 but of course all that can change in a matter of hands.

Plan ‘A’ was to go on a morning boat tour around the Mersey, but the sun was shining and after sticking our hands out of the window to test the temperature we came to the conclusion it was a Spring like day and a breakfast picnic and walk along the prom was in order.

After showering and glamifying ourselves we then deliberated as which coat to wear, we’d each brought a number to choose from. We decided on the warmer options and headed out. As soon as we stepped out we were hit by an arctic wind so a costa coffee was in order to help keep our hands warm. Not to be deterred by the bitter wind we set off at a brisk pace in search of the perfect picnic bench in which to enjoy our bread and cheese breakfast.

By the time we got to the end of the promenade it was heating up and the layers started coming off. We are now sitting in the sun working on our tans before our next outing to Speke Hall. With no directions printed to get us there it could turn into an adventure although I’m sure I can remember the way! Maice obviously thought otherwise and downloaded the directions to Speke Hall onto her phone, just in case of course. Well, surprisingly we found our way without referring to any directions other than following the road signs and hey, we arrived with out any incidents or mishaps…..definitely a first for us.

We drove up to the house along an avenue full of daffodils, looking very resplendent in their bright yellow jackets. It was lovely and a true sign that spring had indeed sprung. We found a nice little green bank to park Missy Micra and followed the crowd to the main gate. Of course today is Easter Saturday and as It turned out was the busiest day of the year thus far. We couldn’t even get to make any Easter bonnets for ourselves so admired the wonderful creations the little people were wearing instead.

We had a magnificent tour around the house which is beautiful, full of interesting nooks and crannies and we’d definitely recommend it to anyone visiting the Liverpool area. After a tour of the house and grounds we found the tea room and managed to bag the last sandwich which we had to share. It was so busy the café had practically sold out of everything and the girls serving us looked rather shell shocked as they were far busier than they had expected to be. See what happens when the sun shines.

When we left Speke Hall we challenged ourselves to find some clamato juice to make our own Ceasars. We arrived at a Tesco Extra with a pact not to deviate from our mission but sadly our mission was unsuccessful and we are still on the lookout for clamato juice. I did however manage to purchase a new striped top even though it wasn’t on the list. Well, a girl can never have too any striped tops!

All the sunshine today had made us a bit weary so we decided a seista was in order. We treated ourselves to a pre diner G&T and some rice cakes whilst looking out of our panoramic window, cameras in hand, waiting to capture the perfect sunset after which we set about titivating ourselves before heading out to Harry Ramsdens for a fish and chip supper before heading next door to the cinema to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.

We arrived back to our hotel room at 10.30pm. The film was great, very funny and had a real feel good factor to it, unfortunately it’s a shame the same can’t be said about Harry Ramsdens. Although the food was good the service and cleanliness needs lots of improvement. Definitely a visit to TripAdvisor is required. The Marlborough in Weymouth is still the best fish and chip restaurant we’ve been to.

We managed to walk the ten feet back to the hotel without getting lost, raced the people in the lift up to the second floor and we won! Honestly, how old are we. Suffice to say we are now recovering with a G&T!.

Come rain or shine we have a busy day planed in Liverpool tomorrow, so on that note it goodbye from me and it’s goodnight from her……

M&A xx.

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