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Lesbos: Day 7 – 30.05.19….....The calm before the storm!

We couldn’t even muster a yoga session this morning when we woke, opting to go straight down to breakfast. We were feeling a little fragile, but nothing a berrocca wouldn’t sort out and sitting in our usual chairs we discussed the events of the previous evening, mainly Maices chicken drumstick palm, Maices plums and Yan’s friend. What was the golden rule our mothers always told us when we were young? Don’t get into a strangers car, so what had we just done all these years later! Fortunately we knew him from the other evening and Yan and Edwin could vouch for him and said the bar we were going to was very up-market and one they go to themselves every now and then. Of course it was when I woke this morning and reached out for our notebook ‘autumn is coming’ that I realised I’d left it in the car, in a plastic bag together with my sunglasses and two items, cream for my ears and eye drops that I’d purchased earlier from the chemist. Can you believe this, those two items cost me €19.60, 40cents shy of €20 which I was going to spend on that sundress! Having had a very deep conversation with him and trying to sort his life out for him we get the impression that at 55 he’s way too serious for his age. By the way he was talking he must think that us two ‘fiercely independent’ women, as he called us, are in our late 30’s, early 40’s so we’ll go with that. Oh, If only he knew!

It was eight thirty and the breakfast bar was deserted. Where was everyone? There’s usually some people, other tourists and staff about but today nothing. No one. No sound, no nothing. It was most peculiar.......maybe it was the calm before the storm we mused.

It was a beautiful day, just the right temperature for sunbathing and there was a gentle breeze that just tickled the leaves of the trees and bushes as we walked down to the beach. It was such a lovely walk, all the locals said hello to us in Greek and we responded back in Greek and we were in very high spirits. We popped in to see Yan and asked if he could ring ask his friend to bring my plastic bag back and we continued down onto the beach where we chose our usual sunbeds, in fact we could have chosen any of the sunbeds on the beach as we were the only ones down there. The place was deserted. What was going on, was there something we didn’t know? We made ourselves comfy and sat admiring the glorious view. And it was glorious too. The millpond had returned, there was not a ripple to be seen, it was calm and tranquil and so peaceful. The sea was so clear you could see the shells and their occupants moving about on the sea bed. It was Mother Nature at her best today. Down at the beach we ordered a fresh orange juice for me and a fruit smoothie for Maice and we settled ourselves gracefully on our sunbeds for a day of sunbathing. There was no wind today to contend with, just pure calmness. I was determined to work on my tan today as for some reason I was looking rather skewbald, you know patchy.. which i couldn’t understand as I thought I’d applied the suncream evenly. I’d like to say we swam in the sea but it’s so shallow we’d have to walk out a long way before it was deep enough to swim so we we waded in, got wet and came out again. Ah it was bliss.

By now it was 11.30am and other than us and a couple sat on the next set of sunbeds we were the only people on the beach. We knew the calm was too good to be true when the wind started to whip up, the sea got very wavy and the ‘storm’ took affect (it was all very Mary Poppins-ish), for not one, not two, not three but four coaches rumbled into the resort carrying Greek school children and their teachers who descended into the tavernas and onto the beach and voila, just like that, the peace and tranquility dissipated within seconds. Not only did we have to contend with the wind, which was even more windy than the day before, we had to put up with 200 school children running amok on a day out. The decibel monitor went from zero to 100 in a matter of seconds as they ran around screaming and shouting, kicking up sand and there we were, stuck in the middle of it all. We couldn’t think of a worse situation to be in! We were literally trapped, trapped by wind and trapped by school kids. We couldn’t even go up to the Taverna for lunch as it was full of kids. What a nightmare! Thinking they were on some sort of field trip and wouldn’t be too long we decided to wait it out but we waited, and waited, and waited and when there were no visible signs of them leaving, we admitted defeat, gathered up our stuff and left but not before a cheeky ten year old asked us if we spoke Greek, which we said we didn’t who then muttered something in Greek to Maice which he translated as ‘you are beautiful’. Ha, made her day it did to be ‘hit on’ by a ten year old!

We stopped off at the mini-market and bought some bread and hummous to go with our Gouda cheese which was still in the fridge from last Saturday. We knew it’d come in useful one day and we sat out on the balcony in the sun and enjoyed an alcohol free lunch. Our traumatic time on the beach had made us tired and we were in dire need of a siesta which we woke from three hours later at 7.10pm. A quick turn around and we were off out to the creperie for supper. Having eaten Maices doorstopper of a sandwich something ‘light’ was required, however when we placed our order we were told they ‘had no crepes’ so leaving the ‘creperie’ we headed round the corner to Yan’s bar for a Greek salad and a bottle of wine. He was telling us about the awful afternoon it had been with the Greek children shouting and screaming and causing sand storms by kicking up sand and whilst he was talking he was wringing his hands as if he was wringing someone’s neck. ‘We understood’ we said, having been surrounded by them on the beach. Ah well, peace had now been restored, the days episode now a distant memory, the wind had dropped and everywhere was looking decidedly beautiful.....yes, let’s drink to that!

After our one bottle of wine and a chat with Yan and Saskia we headed off home and were in our beds by 10pm. We were both feeling tired and were looking forward to a good nights sleep. Tomorrow is our last day on the beach and we mean to make the most of it

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