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Lesbos: Day 3 – 26.05.19…….Oh dear! Its all coming back to us!

We awoke from our sleep, both snuggled under our summer duvets. It was still dark outside and the balcony door was wide open. What was going on? To be honest we can remember very little about getting home yesterday, or getting into our beds or indeed what time we got back and mores to the point, what time it was now. Turns out it’s only 12.35am! What we did know was that we both had a raging thirst so it’s just as well we’d stopped off at the the mini-market on our way home, that we do remember. Water and local wine we wanted, the wine of course to support us for the rest of the week. Maice went to fetch the water from the fridge only to find it completely empty. Empty as in empty, de nada, zilch, tipota! Well, it was a complete mystery as to what we’d done with the water and wine. On scouring the room we soon discovered a plastic bag containing our provisions sitting on the sofa, the contents of which were a) a box of pringles b) a bag of Spumante flavoured mini croissants and c) some sweaty Gouda cheese that should have gone into the fridge. Lordy, Lordy. What must the conversation have been in the mini-market that led us to purchase such a strange selection of goodies we’ll never know. Who knew what was going on in our brains at the time, and let’s face it, we certainly didn’t! There was no bottled water in sight so we had to eek out every last drop from our water bottles and hope for the best.

To say we have a mental block from the time we entered the mini-market to the time of waking up is a bit of an understatement. Although we didn’t remember doing it we had actually put away our clothes and hung them up in the wardrobe, but anything else is a complete mystery. We woke with our make up still intact and Maice still had her contacts in so seems we came home and just got straight into bed. We deduced that from the time stated on the receipt at the mini-market which was 7.30pm we probably got home and were in bed by 7.45pm! Honestly, how old are we? Best go back to sleep and hope we wake up with our memory restored and back to normal!!!

We woke for the second time around seven, memory still not restored and went to breakfast at 8.30am hoping lots of water and food would do the trick. We weren’t hung over in any way, we were just thirsty and a tad peckish. We ate breakfast outside on the terrace and took in the wonderful surroundings. It was so gorgeous and peaceful, the birdies were singing their little hearts out and we felt totally chilled. Soon, memories of yesterday afternoon came flooding back, thankfully all good I’m relieved to say, so this is what we can remember......

...We’d sat ourselves down at the Vista bar where Yan, the owner, made our day by saying ‘we need some young uns in the bar and the resort’ (and yes, he was referring to me and Maice) as ‘there are too many over 60’s about the place’. Oh how we laughed. Ha, if only he knew! We introduced ourselves and when Maice told him her name he said it was Dutch and although spelt differently it was also a mans name. It’s amazing the things you all learn when we go on holiday. We spoke to Yan’s daughter, who’s fifteen and is training to run the 100metres. Apparently her record is 12.18 which is quite amazing. We booked an excursion with Yan’s wife Saskia, who’s part Spanish and works for TUI. The trip is with her Dutch guests but she said we’d have no trouble making friends as we ‘weren’t shy’ and we’d be fine. Actually we’re really looking forward to it although it’ll all be Double Dutch to us! Yan asked us if we wanted to put our wine in the fridge in case it warmed up in the sun, which was very nice of him, but we declined saying he’d be running to and fro every five minutes to top up our glasses. We invited Yan’s Greek friend to join us as he was sat on his own and the conversation somehow got round to politics not that I’m into politics at all, far from it, but after two bottles of wine and some raki the brain thinks quite differently! Let’s say a couple of lively discussions ensued. Maice, trying to be the diplomat kept changing the subject but for some reason it kept coming back to politics. It was all done in the best possible taste and we did enjoy ourselves, whatever the topic of conversation. We really did have a great afternoon and what a great start to our holiday in Lesvos.

After breakfast we made our way to the pool, selected our sunbeds and sunbathed until it was time for lunch which consisted of Greek salad and a Mythos beer. We weren’t too keen on the salad, it wasn’t as flavoursome as Yan’s and we’d also ordered the wrong size beer. We thought the 500mil was the smaller bottle but turned out to be the bigger size, so after consuming two large beers we felt a little bloated afterwards. Now we know what 500mil is we’ll order accordingly! We sunbathed until four o’clock and returned to our room to continue with our yoga. We were intending to do a yoga session after our lunch yesterday but of course our drunken stupor put paid to that or did it. We could well have come home and attempted a ‘yoga for drunks’, we’ll never know. It would explain the unexplained bruises Maice keeps finding about her personage!

Both feeling peckish we got ourselves ready and headed out towards the beach. We thought we’d explore a bit more of Skala Kallonis and after two minutes we were sat in a taverna on the beach. It’s a very, very small resort with a very small square and two gifty type shops. We won’t be spending much here then, although I do have my eye on a very nice long dress for €20.....a bargain I think! We had a lovely meze, consisting of four dishes which funnily enough all contained cheese, all washed down with a giraffe of house white. We were going to get the half kilo but thought no, we’d easily drink a kilo, but guess what. We didn’t. We actually left some. We were also given an extra dish of fava, which was delicious and some sort of dessert that looked like a cheesecake but wasn’t. All for just under €30. We do find this part of Greece to be really cheap. We usually go by the price of a Greek salad which is just €5 when in other Greek islands it’s between €7.5 and €8 euros.

We were home and in our beds by ten. I’ll have you know that’s a late night for us and with that it was lights out. We’re off on our ‘mystery tour’ with the Dutch tomorrow. The title of the trip is ‘mid-south’ so we know we’re going south but which south! There are two ‘south’s’ to the island as it’s split by a gulf of water. So that’s the mystery. All shall be revealed tomorrow!

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