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Lesbos: Day 6 – 29.05.19………Maice and her plums!

Maice woke up with a swollen hand, in fact the thumb and muscle of her left hand now resemble a chicken drumstick and is looking decidedly red. We have now deduced that it was some species of wasp that stung her what with me having a narrow escape when one flew into my hair whilst sunbathing. Honestly if it’s not wasps it’s mosquitos, pesky little blighters. Although not inundated with mosquitos like some people have been we keep finding a mosquito nipple forming in some random place about our anatomy.......just what is the point of the mosquito except to wreak havoc on the human form we ask ourselves. No doubt there’ll be someone out there who’ll defend these annoying little bloodsuckers! Of course we’re more susceptible to them since we’ve not been drinking Gin&Tonics whilst in resort, because you do know the quinine, and probably the gin, keeps them at bay.

Our yoga sessions today were all about digestion; the first was a twenty minute session called Yoga for the Digestive System, the second was a nine minute session called Wind-Relieving Pose which was all about farting and ‘letting it all out’, not that we partake in exposing such bodily functions, us being the ladies that we are, but we thought, let’s give it a go. So we did, and only time will tell to see if it’s been effective or not!

We wandered down to breakfast and sat at the same table we’ve sat at all week which is most unusual for us as Maice doesn’t like sitting at the same table more than once and we got chatting to some of our neighbours. We all agreed it was a lovely hotel, the rooms were large and spacious, the beds very comfortable, it was spotlessly clean everywhere and it was lovely and quiet.

It was another beach day today and although a tad windy we didn’t think it was as bad as yesterday. We thought wrong. The sea, which was as flat and as still as a millpond yesterday was today cold and grey looking, very choppy and most uninviting. The wind was such it took the efforts of the two of us to battle with our towels and lay them on the sunbeds and then we had to quickly jump on the sunbed to stop them blowing away. The wind coming off the sea was really cold so one side of the body was freezing and full of goosebumps whilst the other half of the body which was facing the sun was lovely and warm. As Maice said, this is where the power of thought comes in. Apparently you ‘have to think warm and it will stop us feeling cold’. Such wise words however the only time I felt warm was when the air turned warm which was an hour later! It stayed windy all day and at 3.30pm we admitted defeat and returned home totally exhausted. I’m sure we’ll sleep well tonight.

After carrying out our ablutions and deciding what to wear we headed back to the resort for supper and decided to try out one of the bars in the square for cocktails. It was quite windy in the bar so having wandered about the bar sitting down at a number of different tables we eventually found ourselves seated in the vicinity of a couple of English families who’d obviously got talking to each other and were now conversing with each other across the tables. Ee by heck, one of the women sounded just like Raquel from Coronation Street (remember her from the 70’s) and the other family were from Birmingham and ‘thee tawked like that, yows noh what ah mean’. Bless, they were each trying to outdo each other on where they’ve been before on thems holidays, it was a most riveting conversation. After our Gibson and Strawberry Daquiri cocktails we headed off to eat at the taverna next door to Yan’s. We’d decided to give his bar a miss tonight, and go there tomorrow. We had a lovely meal, swordfish for me and stuffed peppers and tomato’s for Maice, washed down with a glass of wine. We’ve noticed the wine glasses here are rather on the large size, so we’ve decided to only order a glass each rather than the normal giraffe.

Other than the Mythos beer we shared at lunch time and the cocktail earlier this was our lot for the day. We were off home and it was just 9.20pm. I don’t know why people think we’re party animals, even our hotel neighbours asked if we were ‘out on the razzle’ when we left our room.

We waved as we walked past Yan’s bar and next thing we know we’re drinking our adult Pina Coladas. Now how did that happen? As well as talking to Yan we got chatting to the Dutch couple on the next table. Next thing, along come these three boys trying to sell bags of tomatoes and plums to Yan who was having none of it. Next thing we know Maice has bargained with them and got the bag of plums for €2.50 which Yan’s friend paid for as we, nor the boys had any change. In true Maice style she wandered round the bar offering her plums to anyone who fancied them and I’ll have you know there were quite a few takers. Next thing we know, and much to Yan’s amusement she’s off to the other side of the bar taking a drinks order for two guys who came in. She even offered then her plums something I doubt they get offered every day! Another of Yan’s friends, the guy from the nice tourist shop, the one we’ve been into at least three times looking for something to buy, came and joined us and soon there was a right little soirée going on. More drinks were drunk, more shots were drunk and next thing we know we’re sitting in a very nice Greek bar in Kallonis, four kilometres away, which Pearlena mou, is right next door to Το Κονάκι του Αχιλλέα Restaurant. Unfortunately it was closed so couldn’t go and say hello to George. How on earth did we get here we asked ourselves. Well Yan’s friend brought us as it was a nice upmarket Greek bar which played Greek music. So we sat drinking wine and chatting, actually we became agony aunts to him, trying to sort his life out for him, offered advice and guidance, said our goodbyes and finally got home at 01.50am. OMG what would the neighbours think! We crept in as quietly as we could, got ready for bed and wondered if there was a yoga session for hangovers. We really feel we might need it in the morning.

I think it’s best to say......καλήμερα....good morning!!

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