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Dorset: Day 1 – 21.07.20……….Another ‘staycation’ planning session!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

They say things come in three’s so here we are planning our third staycation. We had no choice really, what with our trip to Canada being cancelled. Can you believe this, British Airways only went and cancelled our inbound flight back to the UK without telling anyone… or the travel agent! We only found out because we enquired about reserving our seats on the flight back. So now BA are obliged to cancel our outbound and internal flights too as we had no means of getting back to the UK, and they’re going to provide a full refund of monies, we don’t want any of this ‘we only provide vouchers’ malarkey! Of course we could have paid quadruple what we originally paid to come back on a different day but that certainly wasn’t going to happen so another staycation it is then! Apparently we’ve been told its going to take three months for our refund to come through. You see, there we are, it’s those three’s again!

Making the most of the hot weather and the evening sun we donned our swimwear, packed our backpacks and headed off to the beach for a cappuccino, a swim and a planning session. We managed the cappuccino and we eventually managed to come up with a plan, but we forwent the swim as we were quite settled and it was too much of a rigmarole drying off, plus the friendly seal who seems to have made the beach its home seemed to be getting a little amorous with some of the swimmers in the sea, so we just looked out to sea, admiring the six cruise liners sat in the bay and watching the seal looking for a human to swim with!

Ah, what a lovely evening it was, sitting in our camping chairs with our cappuccino’s, the smell and the smoke of peoples barbeques wafting over us, getting into our hair and onto our clothes and as always we looked at each other and said….’other than the smoke, aren’t we lucky to live where we do’!

We’d been chatting for so long we’d forgotten about our planning session, so without further ado, we put our thinking caps on and had a think. We’d brought some walking books with us for inspiration but nothing seemed to jump out at us. We looked out to sea again, we had another think, we skimmed through the books again. Nothing! After giving ourselves a talking to for being too apathetic, we turned to the weather app. Seems a mixed bag of weather was heading our way with sun and rain forecast. We finally came up with a plan, working our days around the weather and Maice’s forthcoming birthday. Great, can’t wait…….roll on Friday.

You can’t beat a good staycation and this one’s got a bit of everything in it. Shopping, facemasks, driving, walking, swimming, homeschooling, celebrating, codebreaking, sightseeing, picnics, barbeques….what’s not to look forward to. We don’t aim to get lost on this staycation so we’re going to be extra vigilant with our directions, look at things logically and hope for the best. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

It was when we were packing up to leave the beach that I realised the seat of my brand new lightweight fold up camping chair had split. Of course, as one would expect, there Is a load bearing weight limit on the chair but I can assure you that I am nowhere near that limit so can only put it down to poor manufacturing. Honestly, they just don’t make things to last these days. So now Maice, who purchased them via Amazon (other on-line retailers are available) will have to contact them, provide the evidence (numerous photos taken) and wait to see if we get a replacement, which will be too late for our staycation. So what am I to sit on now? The whole point of these chairs was to take them with us when out walking so we don’t have to sit on the ground, which is not so much of a problem as such, its the getting up off the ground that seems to be the problem! Much be an age thing!

It was when we made it back to the car that Maice realised she couldn’t find her house keys! Honestly, we went through this ‘malaver’ the other day and after hunting high and lo, turning her bag inside out I found her key on the floor of my car! This time we started looking in the car first and when we couldn’t find the keys in the car she turned out her backpack. When she couldn’t find them there we looked on the road around the car, then back in the car, then the backpack…..again! Who knew what she’d done with them. Probably sitting in the lock on her front door, or maybe on the beach. If they weren’t there we’d drive back to my place and pick up the spare key, but before we did that I made her take everything out of her backpack again for one last look. Still nothing! And then I glimpsed a key ring sitting in the mesh pocket where her drink usually sits! All I can say is, I’m saying nothing! Fifteen minutes we were searching for her keys and it was in her rucksack all the time! Honestly, I do despair. I’m so glad I’m not like that!

I‘d had a dream in the week that I’d found my hairdressing scissors and chopped all my hair off. if! Thing is when I woke the next morning my hair was at least four inches shorter! Now how did that happen?

.......and we haven’t even started our staycation yet!

Until Friday……..

M&A xx

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